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While a summer intern in Germany, Sara Sand had the opportunity to learn about dye-sensitive solar cells and techniques for material science. (Photo: University of Konstanz, Germany)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Sara Sand traveled to Germany and joined a team of researchers who want to better understand the undefined electronic properties of titanium dioxide. She learned how experiments are conducted in a German lab, as well as what it’s like to live and travel in Europe.Read her story.

Zak Blumer Zak wanted to build a closed-circuit loop to test the efficiency of a solar collector he designed. He started his project at the very beginning. Read his story.

Justin Courtright Justin builds things using Arduinos and a little “elbow grease”. Using various materials including open-source electronics, a computer speaker, and watch tuning fork, he wanted to determine if it’s possible to make the precise equipment used in real experiments. Read her story.

Benjamin Hirt What happens when substances are placed under a permanent magnetic field? Ben used X-ray diffraction and 3D printing in the process. Read his story.

Yonry Zhu '17HTC learned how ultra-high vacuum systems are assembled and designed. "..being able to turn something that was just an idea in my head into reality." Read his story.

Helen Cothrel ’15HTC doesn’t wield her laser like Luke Skywalker’s light saber, but she learned to do some pretty “thrilling” things with it. Sharpening her techniques for photolithography, she dipped her toes “in the sea of knowledge.” Read her story.

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