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Research Policies and Procedures

Heritage College Policy 7.11: Osteopathic Medical Student Research and Scholarly Activity

Heritage College Internal Proposal Endorsement Procedure 

Applying for internal funding? Please review this procedure for how to obtain college endorsement/signatures. 

Heritage College Research Catalyst Program

The Heritage College is participating in a new OHIO pilot program intended to incentivize research by offering an annual payout to faculty who receive salary support from external grants.

Ohio University Policy 19.052: Research Projects Involving Human Subjects 

Ohio University Policies 

Ohio University Research Compliance IACUC

Office of Research Compliance Human Subjects (IRB) 

OHIO Student Travel Policy

This policy defines student travel as taking place over 100 miles from the student’s campus of departure, including an overnight stay and/or taking place outside the state of Ohio. For medical students on clinical rotation, the campus of departure is defined as the site of their clinical rotation. Please be sure to reference the policy for upcoming planned travel.