Human Subjects (IRB)

All studies that involve humans are potentially subject to federal government regulations. This includes everything from clinical trials to surveys, interviews, and observation. Any research -- including masters and doctoral projects -- that calls for participation by people must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) before the project can begin. All researchers who conduct human subjects research must complete the required training


Human Subjects Research and COVID-19: Updated Guidance (July 07, 2021)

IRB Training Sessions

The IRB training sessions offered by the Office of Research Compliance are now available as pre-recorded videos. These on-demand videos are intended to provide consistent messaging and better outreach to all Ohio University campuses. We are happy to use these videos as a way to support our research community online and provide convenience and increased access to the material through closed captioning and video transcripts.

These three videos are Navigating the IRB Process, Website Overview, and LEO Demonstration. They are intended to help faculty, staff, and students with questions they may have about the IRB review process at Ohio University and the LEO IRB submission system. The videos are available at this link:

If you have questions or need assistance after viewing the videos, please contact the Office of Research Compliance. To request an in-person training session of the video content, please contact


Need help? For more information on research involving human subjects, email or call 740-593-0664.