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Human Subjects (IRB)

All studies that involve humans are potentially subject to federal government regulations. This includes everything from clinical trials to surveys, interviews, and observation. Any research -- including masters and doctoral projects -- that calls for participation by people must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) before the project can begin. All researchers who conduct human subjects research must complete the required CITI training.


Announcement concerning COVID-19 and human subjects research

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Office of Research Compliance are providing guidance related to human subjects research in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.  This guidance is effective immediately (3/17/2020) for all human subjects research reviewed by an Ohio University IRB and will be revised as appropriate based on new information in this evolving environment.


Human Subjects Research Involving Physical Contact with Study Participants

At this time, research protocols that involve being in the physical presence of research participants (e.g., medical procedures, study drug administration, in-person interviews, in-person focus groups, in-person cognitive/behavioral therapeutic services) in Ohio University facilities should be discontinued until further notice.  If remote procedures, such as online questionnaires, phone, Skype, Zoom, or other means are already approved by the IRB, investigators are encouraged to implement them. If remote procedures are not currently approved by the IRB and an investigator would like to utilize them, an amendment request must be submitted to the IRB and approved prior to such implementation. The IRB is available for amendment reviews and the Office of Research Compliance can assist in expediting the review.

Studies with in-person contact that are conducted outside of Ohio University facilities should also be discontinued, unless the location is a clinical or hospital healthcare setting where infection protection practices are routine.

If you need to make a modification immediately in order to eliminate potential hazards to the subject or have questions, contact the Office of Research Compliance by email, compliance@ohio.edu or by phone, (740) 593-0664, for guidance. 


Human Subjects Research Not Involving Physical Contact with Study Participants

Research activities may continue as approved in the IRB protocol.

Thank you for your understanding in these rapidly evolving times.  Please continue to monitor the Research Compliance website for updates regarding this situation.

Need help? For more information on research involving human subjects, email compliance@ohio.edu or call 740-593-0664.