22.001: Student travel




October 23, 2020

Initiated by:

Catherine Marshall Director | Office of Global Opportunities

Endorsed by:

Ji-Yeung Jang | Interim Executive Director for Global Affairs

Approved by:

M.Duane Nellis | President

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  1. Overview

    Ohio university students often travel as part of their academic and co-curricular activities. The following policy outlines requirements designed to manage university-affiliated travel and support the safety of its student travelers.

  2. Scope

    This policy applies to all student travel that is undertaken by enrolled students and facilitated or sponsored by Ohio university, hereafter referred to as university, regardless of whether credit or funding is granted for activities during travel. This policy refers to travel that is beyond one-hundred miles of the Ohio university campus of departure, begins on one calendar day and ends on another, or entails activity in another state. This includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Travel for university credit;
    2. Travel that fulfills a degree requirement, including, but not limited to, internships, field studies, research and service learning;
    3. Travel supported by university funding, including, but not limited to, scholarships, grants, endowments, financial aid;
    4. Credit-bearing and non-credit bearing international and domestic study away and exchange programs administered by the university;
    5. International or domestic study away programs undertaken for credit transfer;
    6. Travel with or organized by a university faculty or staff member;
    7. Travel in support of or as part of a university research or creative activity;
    8. Professional development opportunities, including, but not limited to, conference attendance and networking events sanctioned by a university unit;
    9. Travel organized by student organizations, including club sports and intramural teams.

This policy does not cover personal travel such as vacation. The policy also excludes student travel to athletic or other events unless travel is sponsored by a university unit or a student organization.

This policy is not applicable to “National Collegiate Athletic Association” (NCAA) and/or “United States Collegiate Athletic Association” (USCAA) student athletic travel which is regulated under NCAA and/or USCAA rules and regulations and the Ohio university department of athletics.

  1. All travel (domestic and international)

    1. Students must comply with the Ohio university student code of conduct and with all applicable university policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Noncompliance could result in disciplinary action as described in the student code of conduct.
    2. Students under eighteen years of age must provide signature approval of travel from a parents or legal guardian.
    3. Travel must be centrally registered in accordance with student travel registration procedure.
  2. International travel

    1. Students will be enrolled in the university’s international health insurance policy as part of the travel registration process. A charge may be assessed to the traveler’s student account.
    2. Students are expected to review security information provided by the U.S. department of state.
      1. In cases where the destination has a risk rating of “Level 3” (“Reconsider Travel”) or “Level 4” (“Do Not Travel”), students must review security information provided by the U.S. department of state and the centers for disease control and accept the associated risks.
    3. Students are expected to comply with university export control policies and regulations.
    4. Students are expected to review the list of countries and entities sanctioned or embargoed by the U.S. treasury department office of foreign asset control (OFAC) to ensure there are no restrictions to their planned travel.
      1. If there are OFAC restrictions associated with a travel destination, students must work with designated university office(s) to complete required processes as appropriate and receive permission to travel.
    5. If a student chooses to go to a destination which has been sanctioned or embargoed by OFAC without permission pursuant to this policy, the university will withdraw its support, including funds for travel and related expenses.
  3. Suspension of travel

    If a significant health or safety concern arises before or during student travel, including but not limited to natural disasters, war or war-like conflict, terrorism, social unrest or political disturbances, the university reserves the right to withdraw approval for travel at any time.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Vice Presidents
  2. Deans
  3. Chairs and Directors
  4. Council for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity
  5. Chief Financial and Administrative Officers
  6. Risk Management and Insurance
  7. Faculty Senate
  8. Administrative Senate
  9. Student Affairs
  10. Director of Experiential Learning
  11. Clery Compliance Officer
  12. Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance 
  13. Interim State Authorization Coordinator