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Concur FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about using Concur can be found below. Clicking on a question's text will display the corresponding answer. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact the Customer Care Center via e-mail ( or phone (740.597.6446).

Why can't I login to Concur?

Employees should use their OHIO ID and password to login to Concur. If you are having issues logging into the system, please contact Finance Customer Care for assistance via e-mail ( or phone (740.597.6446).

What should I do the first time I login to Concur?

The first time you login to Concur, you should complete your profile. To do this, click the Profile link and then Profile Settings.  Required information within the Personal Information tab must be completed before you first attempt to book a trip in Concur. Concur has created an Updating Your Travel Profile video to guide users through this process.

How do I assign a delegate to approve expense reports or arrange my travel?

Expense Delegates

  • Once in Concur, click Profile and then Profile Settings
  • Within the Profile Options page, select Expense Delegates
  • To add a new delegate, click Add
  • Start typing the name of the person you would like to add within the search box and click on their name once it appears
  • Select the options to enable for the new delegate. More information about Adding Expense Delegates is available from Concur.

Travel Arrangers

  • Once in Concur, click Profile and then Profile Settings
  • Within the Profile Options page, select Setup Travel Assistants or Assistants/Arrangers
  • Click Add an Assistant
  • Start typing the name of the person you would like to add within the search box and click on their name once it appears
  • Select the options to enable for the new assistant and then click Save
Why should I use Concur instead of calling the agent directly?

Concur allows you to quickly make plans after viewing your travel options. You also maintain access to discounts and can compare the discounted pricing within Concur with internet fares and other alternatives to find the best travel solution that still complies with the University's travel policies. Concur allows you to access all your travel plans and provides travel alerts.

How does booking with Concur differ with purchasing an internet fare through a supplier's website?

Concur provides access to both the agency rates and internet fares. The difference lies in where the transaction is fulfilled and who provides the customer support. Purchasing through Concur provides access to full support through your agent to make changes as the ticket is purchased through the agency.

What happens if I do not comply with company policy?

When you go outside of your company policy, Concur notifies you by showing the fare with a warning icon. When you select an option with a travel policy violation, Concur prompts you to enter an explanation as to why you chose this fare over a compliant one.

Can I add a car or hotel to an airline reservation after it is booked or change one of my reservations after it's been booked?

Yes, changes can be made to existing trips. On the main Concur page there is a My Trips section that shows your upcoming travel arrangements. Select the trip that needs editing and then click Change to choose which details of the trip need edits. Concur has a Changing a Trip video for further guidance.

How can I view the itinerary for flights I have already booked?

On the main Concur page, review the My Trips section. For more detailed information, click the appropriate trip name. This will open a new page containing detailed information about the bookings.

How do I split (allocate) an expense to multiple accounts?

Click on the Allocate button located on the bottom right of the Expense tab. The Allocations for Report window appears. Choose your allocation method from the drop-down list by clicking the Allocate By button. Click on Add New Allocation to create additional account lines as needed. Enter the amount/percentage and account number information for each line, then click Save.

How are per diems handled in the system?

Travel allowance (per diem meals and incidentals) amounts are fed from the GSA schedule, updated annually for domestic, monthly for international. To receive reimbursement, select Yes when asked the travel allowance expenses question after creating the report header.

When I create my itinerary, I get an error that the date overlaps with an existing itinerary. How do I delete the previous itinerary?

Click on the Details button and choose Available Itineraries. You may then delete the itinerary that conflicts with the new itinerary.