Ohio University

New Purchasing Policy

Policy 55.030, “Purchasing” has been approved by the Executive Staff Policy Committee and is posted to the Policy Manual. The policy number is new and consolidates the following policies:

  • Policy 55.003, "Purchasing Authority: Vendor Selection, Personal Purchases, Land and Building Acquisition, Conflict-of-Interest"
  • Policy 55.012, "Purchasing - Direct Payment"
  • Policy 55.031, "Purchasing - Radioactive Materials, Narcotics, Hazardous Materials, Animals, and Tax-Free Alcohol"
  • Policy 55.040, "Purchasing - Receipt of Items: Notifications, Damages, Shortages, Returns"
  • Policy 55.060, "Purchasing - Blanket Purchase Orders”

As a result of the new policy, the old policies are no longer active (effective) and have been removed from the Policy website.  Policy updates were necessary to align policy language with current practice, remove processes, and bring the policy into compliance with the Governor’s Mandate on Affordability & Efficiency.

Impact to Campus

The following are changes that are important for campus purchasers to review: 

  • The policy addresses the requirement to purchase from preferred suppliers.  Although the rollout of Affordability and Efficiency has been in place since August of 2018, the addition of this language was necessary to bring the policy into compliance with the A&E Mandate requirements as enacted by Ohio University. 
  • Compliance language was added to address Uniform Guidance requirements.
  • Institutional Signature Authority requirements, were implemented and communicated in 2014, is now referenced in the purchasing policy. 

Questions?  Contact Finance Customer Care at financecustomercare@ohio.edu or 740-597-6446.