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January OBI Dashboard Enhancements

February 2, 2021

As communicated in December Business Matters, enhancements to the Oracle E-Business Suite User Access dashboards are underway.  As of January 26, 2021, enhancements to this dashboard have been implemented that will allow authorized users to look up employees’ EBIZ and OBI HR/finance access in a single dashboard.  This dashboard previously contained EBIZ access detail only.  Due to the expansion of this dashboard to include OBI access, the dashboard will be renamed to Finance & HR Systems Access.  Additional information about the enhanced dashboard has been published in an updated quick reference guide on the OBI training page

Additionally, we have added an additional column to the Employee Lookup dashboard called Organization CFAO Work Phone.  The dashboard previously reported who the CFAO is for an employee’s organization but did not contain the CFAO’s phone number; therefore, requiring users to conduct a second search if they needed to locate the CFAO’s phone number.  The CFAO phone number has now been added as a column to the dashboard, therefore eliminating this extra lookup step

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