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Using Finance Lookups to find new Object Codes

December 14, 2017

Finance Customer Care has received a number of inquiries about the difference between the Object Lookup and the Conversion Lookup dashboard pages in OBI. See below for clarification on how to use these dashboards.

Object Lookup: This dashboard page replaced the old Natural Account Lookup. It provides a list of all Object Codes. Users can search by Object Code value or description. This dashboard will not show old Natural Account values to new Object Code values. Review the Object Lookup Quick Reference Guide for more detail.

Conversion Lookup: The Conversion Lookup has a prompt section for old Natural Account to new Object Code (on the right). If users receive a “Conversion only” value returned, navigate to the Object Code Lookup and use the description field to search for the new Object Code. In many scenarios (e.g.; travel and supplies), there are more Object Code values than previously available and so they will not have a one-to-one mapping. By utilizing the description search (e.g.; airfare or travel), users will receive results for all Object Codes that contain the specified search criteria. Review the Conversion Lookup Quick Reference Guide for more detail.

Segment Lookup: The Segment Lookup will also allow users to search for new Object Codes as well as the other General Ledger segments. Like the Object Code Lookup, long description are available in the results set. Please note: the long description is work in progress and will be updated iteratively. Review the Segment Lookup Quick Reference Guide for more detail.

OBI Reporting Fundamentals sessions will be held through next week. For those who have not already attended and would like to learn more, please register to attend one of the remaining sessions.

Additional training materials and quick reference guides are available on the OBI Training page.

If you have questions regarding new account numbers, contact your representatives (Planning Unit CFAO or FSE Change Network representative(s)). If you have questions about Finance systems or tools functionality, contact Finance Customer Care (FCC) at 740.597.6446. If you have questions about HR related systems or tools, contact Employee Service Center at 740.593.1636.