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Master's in Coaching Education Online


Program Code: MS8160

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What the program offers you

The online Masters of Coaching Education program is nationally recognized as a leader in preparing coaches to excel at all levels of competition. The curriculum focuses on areas of coaching that directly impact athletic performance and is built around the national standards for sport coaches based on the primary functions, key responsibilities and roles that sport coaches fulfill.  As a result, our graduates are equipped with the technical and leadership skills important to maximize team performance and ensure a lasting coaching career.


Program Overview

Taught By Coaching Experts

Faculty consists of internationally recognized coaches and coaching scholars with many years of experience coaching a range of sports at the community, school, and professional levels. 

Application Requirements & Instructions

  • Bachelor's degree with a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 for unconditional admission.
  • Minimum of three years of experience coaching.
  • An official copy of transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended.
  • Resume or CV with educational background, work, and coaching experience.
  • A two-page typed essay that includes information about your background and prior experience, your professional purpose and career goals, and how the Coaching Education program can help you to fulfill your goals.
  • Three letters of recommendation using the form provided by the Graduate College. At least one reference must be from someone who can attest to your qualifications in your chosen field and at least one must be from an academic faculty member who can support your ability to produce successful academic work at the graduate level. Please be certain to identify your intended concentration before giving the form to the person providing the reference.
  • $50 non-refundable application fee. Apply for fall semester by July 15 to receive financial incentives with a credit for the application fee after you enroll in your courses being the minimum awarded. The application will remain open until August 1.
  • No GRE is required (unless your bachelor's degree was awarded by an institution that is not regionally accredited).


Required Courses


COED 5213 - Dynamics of Skill Acquisition 3
COED 6110 - Foundations of Coaching I 3
COED 6120 - Management and Leadership in Sport 3
COED 6140 - Psychology of Coaching 3
COED 6150 - Injury Prevention & Risk Management 3
COED 6160 - Performance and Conditioning for Athletic Coaches 3
COED 6170 - Ethics and Diversity in Athletic Coaching 3
COED 6330 - Analysis of Sport Performance for Coaches 3
Electives in Coaching Education (2) 6
Total 30

Students must successfully complete a coaching portfolio to fulfill the capstone requirement for the online coaching education master’s degree.

For full course descriptions, please see the Graduate Catalog.

What Graduates Have to Say

"This was something that I never thought I would be able to achieve, but the encouragement from my professors and the unconditional support I received from my amazing classmates made this program [and] helped me through. The relationships I have built through this course will last a lifetime. Doors are starting to open up for me, and opportunities I thought were impossible are not so out of reach anymore."  - Jeffrey Thomas, Class of 2020 

"Just wanted to reiterate how this program was so interesting and on point for everything we learned. Also, it was manageable even being a full-time teacher and basketball coach. Really loved all the curriculum and I feel so good having my Masters Degree...Great program!!" - Jason Apodaca, Class of 2019

"If you want to pursue a master's degree and have a passion for coaching and leadership, there is no better curriculum. The flexibility of the course provides people with crammed schedules to only participate but thrive in the academic environment. - Wyatt Evensen, Class of 2019 

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