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Brothers RISE Initiative

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Brothers RISE (Rallying to Inspire and Shape Education) is an initiative designed to strengthen public education by recruiting students, particularly African American males, into Teacher Education. While African American students make up 16.8% of the student population in Ohio, less than 1% of their teachers are African American males. African American male teachers are needed to serve as culturally relevant teachers who are able to acknowledge and support the academic success, cultural competence, and sociopolitical awareness of all students, especially students of color. 

Learn more from the podcasts below:

Brothers RISE OHIO Podcast

Dr. Jason Rawls, the founding coordinator of Brothers RISE at Ohio University, gives a brief history of how Brothers RISE started, and he shares its mission and standards.

Education Matters Podcast

Ohio Education Association interviews Dr. Jason Rawls about why the Brothers RISE program is needed.

The vision of Brothers RISE is to Nurture Outstanding Brothers for Leadership in Education. Key aspects of Brothers RISE include a weeklong Brothers RISE orientation; academic and social support at each level of their teacher preparation; focus on psychosocial and racial identity and ethnic development of each student; opportunities to engage in research, professional development, and mentorship; and tuition assistance when possible.

Literature supports the benefits of learners having role models in their community who look like they look. This notion is just as important in the school environment. Students of color need to see teachers who share their racial or cultural identity.


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Join Brothers RISE!

If you have any questions and/or wish to apply, please contact:

Marcquis Parham
Adjunct Instructor for Recreation Sport Pedagogy Program
Assistant Director for Career and Employer Engagement
Coordinator of Brothers Rise