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Online Master's in Geological Sciences

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Online Master's in Geological Sciences

Unearthing a World of Possibilities with a Master's in Geological Sciences

Designed for working professionals and teachers, the online Master of Science in Geological Sciences non-thesis program provides geology graduates and those from related STEM disciplines with applied training and experiences through a wide range of topics in earth sciences. The mission of the program is to enhance graduates' marketability as the next generation of practicing geoscientists, earth science educators and allied professionals. The program is part of the Geological Sciences Department and the Program Director is Dr. Eva Lyon (

You can also add an online certificate in Geospatial Information Sciences (GIS). OHIO offers both introductory and advanced graduate certificates in GIS.

  • Prepare to teach College Credit Plus courses (Ohio's dual enrollment program)
  • Convenient 100% online, seven-week courses
  • No thesis
  • 30 credits at your own pace — Finish in as little as three semesters
  • No GRE

    Rich Experience

    Through our program, you will develop a comprehensive range of skills that will enrich your understanding and expertise in geology. You will gain the ability to interpret, analyze, discuss, and critique scientific papers, contributing to scholarly discussions and gaining valuable insights. Additionally, you will excel in identifying geological challenges, formulating hypotheses, and crafting well-structured proposals. Hands-on experience will allow you to apply diverse geological methods, collect data, and solve complex problems. With the proficiency to analyze geologic data, you will draw robust conclusions and effectively communicate your findings through written and oral scientific formats. This rich experience will equip you with a strong foundation and invaluable skills for a successful career in geology or further advanced studies, enabling you to make meaningful contributions to the field.


    Expert faculty

    Our program boasts a distinguished team of expert faculty who are committed to providing you with exceptional guidance and mentorship. With their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of geology, our faculty members bring a wealth of expertise to the classroom and research settings. They are actively involved in cutting-edge research, and their contributions to the scientific community are widely recognized. As your mentors, they will guide you through challenging concepts, help you navigate complex geological problems, and assist you in developing critical thinking and analytical skills. With their mentorship, you will have the opportunity to collaborate on exciting research projects and gain firsthand experience in the latest methodologies and techniques.

    Prospective students can contact the program director, Dr. Eva Lyon, directly for more information about the program.


    Geology Careers

    Graduating with a Master's in Geological Sciences opens up a wide range of exciting career opportunities in the field of geology. Excellent opportunities can be pursued in diverse paths, including careers in environmental consulting, geological surveys, energy exploration, mining industries, and research institutions. The demand for geologists continues to grow, presenting abundant prospects for employment in both public and private sectors. Furthermore, our program equips you with the critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills necessary to thrive in various roles. Whether you aspire to be a field geologist, environmental specialist, geotechnical engineer, or academic researcher, our program will provide you with a solid foundation and networking opportunities to launch your career and make a positive impact in the dynamic field of geology.

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Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees are assessed based on the number of credit hours of enrollment, Ohio residency and program.

Financial Aid: When graduate students take two 4-hour courses per semester, their attendance is considered half-time for financial aid purposes. U.S. citizens and permanent residents have access to federally funded loans through Ohio University's Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. The Ohio University school code is 003100.