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Research Assistantships in Geological Sciences

Geological Sciences

Faculty Grant Support

If a student's research or student's salary is supported by external funds, there are discreet obligations that the adviser has to the funding agency supporting the research. If a student receives a Graduate Research Assistantship (RA) or summer salary, that student should consider this support much like any other job that carries with it discreet obligations and responsibilities. These obligations may include specific deliverables and inflexible deadlines. Because of these demands, it is the adviser's responsibility to discuss with the student the responsibilities of the RA before commencement of the project. The student should be both fully aware of and be willing to accept conditions of the RA before such support begins. Among other things, it is appropriate to discuss with the adviser policies regarding expected working hours, vacations, authorship of papers, and specific deadlines which must be met during the RA.

Research Assistant Expectations

Students supported as RAs are subject to the same basic benefits of tuition remission, expectation of academic load and academic standing, and reappointment conditions as outlined for Teaching Assistants.