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Geological Sciences Giving Opportunities

Geological Sciences faculty are committed to highly effective teaching as well as to the quality of the scientific research that characterizes the department. Faculty educate students to be well-prepared geologists who can help to solve problems related to energy, resources and the environment during this important phase of human history.

Please consider designating the Geological Sciences Department in your gift to Ohio University. The department is enriched in a variety of ways through the power of charitable giving, including student scholarships, student and faculty research support, and travel funds for students and faculty.

  • To donate to any of these funds, go to Make a Gift. Click on the Give Now button. Under the heading "I want to support," click on the box that says, "The fund I want to support isn't listed above" and type in the name of a geological sciences fund listed on this page. Thank you very much for your support.

Endowed Scholarships for Students

Contributions to the these endowed scholarships directly support undergraduate and graduate students. Please indicate "endowment" on your contribution if you wish to contribute to the invested funds, allowing for a greater impact to sustain the scholarship.

  • Travis C. Middleman Scholarship
  • Maurice and Betty Warner Scholarship
  • Mary W. Stoertz Scholarship
  • Ying-Chien Chang Graduate Scholarship in the Department of Geological Sciences
  • Elizabeth Llewelyn Robe Memorial Scholarship
  • Lela A. Ewers Science Scholarship
  • C. Paul and Beth K. Stocker Scholarship

Research and Conference Funding

Assist Geological Sciences faculty and undergraduate and graduate students with research-related expenses as well as provide travel funds to present at national and international conferences.

  • Geological Sciences Foundation
  • Geological Sciences Endowment
  • Myron T. & Carolyn W. Sturgeon Endowment
  • Myron T. Sturgeon Endowment Fund
  • Myron T. Sturgeon Honor Endowment Fund
  • George G. Abraham General Geology Endowment Fund
  • Fisher-Phelps Faculty Excellence Endowment
  • Dr. Moid Ahmad Hydrologic and Environmental Studies Endowment

Support Field Geology

These established funds directly support the continuation of Field Geology either through direct expenses or scholarships to enrolled students.

  • Yeats-Smith-Nance Geology Field Camp Endowment
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carol and Glennie Pavlin Geosciences Endowment

Non-Financial Support

A fundamental goal of the Geological Sciences Department is to educate, prepare, and inspire students to become successful geologists. There are many non-financial ways alumni and friends can support this goal. Please contact the department to discuss donating your time.

Contact Us

For more information about giving to Geological Sciences, contact:

David Johnson
Director of Development, Major Giving
Wilson Hall 306