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Earth and Environmental Geosciences Facilities

Rock sample preparation laboratory

Crushing and powdering equipment

  • Morse Jaw Crusher: coarse crushing rock down to gravel particle size
  • Bico UA pulverizer: crushing and disaggregating rock to sand particle size
  • Angstrom model TE250 ring pulverizer: WC grinding containers are used for powdering samples in preparation for XRD and XRF analysis.


  • Hilquist large slab saw Model RF 20-24
  • Hilquist medium slab saw Model RF 14-16
  • Hilquist Trim Saw Model SF-8

Thin sectioning equipment

  • Hilquist thin sectioning machine and plate grinder. Used to prepare thin sections of rock for petrographic analysis.

Petrology & Geochemistry Laboratory

  • Rigaku Supermini200 - benchtop WD-XRF for elemental analysis of solid, powder, or liquid sample
  • XRF Scientific Phoenix gas fusion machine allows automated preparation of fused glass beads for XRF analysis