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Graduate Research in Geological Sciences

Two new species of Lanistes from the Nsungwe Formation
Two new species of Lanistes from the Nsungwe Formation: Geology students find answers to why snails put on evolutionary speed when they had to.

Geological Sciences graduate students have been integral in the discovery of new species recently. See:


Opportunities in Geological Sciences

Ohio University is a research-intensive institution, and graduate students are encouraged to develop into independent scientists while earning the skills necessary to pursue their career aspirations. All students select a permanent faculty adviser and write a thesis.

Graduate Research Accomplishments

Audrey Blakeman—won the Kerry Kelts Research Award at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting. She received grants from AAPG, SEPM, GSA, GSA Limnogeology Division to do fieldwork in Wyoming for her research on the Bridger Formation in the Greater Green River Basin. Her adviser is Dr. Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch.

Mike Hils—Received grants from the Geological Society of America Student Research Grant, Paleontological Society Student Research Grant, and Ohio University Geology Alumni Research Grant. His adviser is Dr. Dan Hembree.

Jennifer Bauer—Received grants form Dry Dredger Paleontological Research Award, the Geological Society of America, Student Research Grant, the Schuchert and Dunbar Grant-in-Aid, Yale Peabody Museum, and Ohio University Geology Alumni Research Grant. She also received the Graduate Associate Outstanding Teacher Award from Ohio University and the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for the Department of Geological Sciences. Her adviser is Dr. Alycia Stigall.

Hannah Brame and Jennifer Bauer—Won first place at the Ohio University Student Research and Creativity Activity Expo, Geological Sciences, Geography, and Math Division.

Katharine Schleich—Received a summer fellowship from an AEP grant to Ohio University researchers.

Recent Graduate Student Theses

Alberts, Rebecca, 2016. Petrogenesis of plagiogranite and granite in the Oman ophiolite: A comparative study using oxygen isotopes in zircon. Adviser: Dr. Craig Grimes.

Busarakum, Chadaporn, 2016. Assessing and Characterizing the Efficacy of the Constructed Wetland for Treating Pollutants in Landfill Leachate. Adviser: Dr. Eung Seok Lee.

Conti, Alexander, 2016. Lacustrine Deposits of the Jurassic East Berlin Formation, Hartford Basin, Newark Supergroup: Balance-filled or Under-filled Lakes? Adviser: Dr. Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch.

Fitzgerald, Devin, 2016. Clay Mineralogy, Provenance, and Sequence Stratigraphy of Upper Ordovician Shales in Eastern Ohio. Adviser: Dr. Greg Nadon.

Holmes, Stuart, 2016. Investigation of spatial and temporal groundwater thermal anomalies at Zanesville Municipal wellfield Ohio: Implications for connectivity of river-aquifer connectivity using temperature data. Adviser: Dr. Eung Seok Lee.

Maj, Sarah, 2016. The Fate of Nutrients in Streams Affected by Acid Mine Drainage. Adviser: Dr. Dina Lopez.

Trubovitz, Sarah, 2016. Reconstructing the Great Ordovician Biodiversificaiton Event through brachiopods of Oklahoma. Adviser: Alycia Stigall.

Blair, Michael, 2015. A Paleopedological and Ichnological Approach to Spatial and Temporal Variability in Pennsylvanian-Permian Strata of the Lower Dunkard Group. Adviser: Dr. Daniel Hembree.

Brown, James, 2015. Ion Microprobe ?18O-contraints on Fluid Mobility and Thermal Structure During Early Slip on a Low-angle Normal Fault, Chemehuevi Mountains, SE California. Adviser: Dr. Craig Grimes.

Hastings, Jesse, 2015. Optimization and Analysis of a Slow-Release Permanganate Gel for Groundwater Remediation in Porous and Low-Permeability Media. Adviser: Dr. Eung Seok Lee.

Lam, Adriane, 2015. Paleobiogeographic Analyses of Late Ordovician Faunal Migrations: Assessing Regional and Continental Pathways and Mechanisms. Adviser: Dr. Alycia Stigall.

Malinski, Peter, 2015. An analysis of morphometric and morphologic relationships in lunar pit craters : the role of water. Adviser: Dr. Keith Milam.

Miller, Samuel, 2015. Treating Metals in Acid Mine Drainage Using Slow-Release Hydrogen Peroxide. Adviser: Dr. Eung Seok Lee.

Neace, Erica, 2015. Zircon LA-ICPMS Geochronology of the Cornubian Batholith, SW England. Adviser: Dr. Damian Nance.

Strack, Cody, 2015. Petrologic Study of the Danburg, Sandy Hill, and Delhi Intrusions: Constraints on Magmatism in the Southern Appalachians. Adviser: Dr. Craig Grimes.

Bauer, Jennifer, 2014. A phylogenetic and paleobiogeographic analysis of the Ordovician brachiopod Eochonetes. Adviser: Dr. Alycia Stigall.

Blakeman, Audrey, 2014. Carbonate lake deposits in the fluvial Bridger formation of the greater Green River Basin, Wyoming. Adviser: Dr. Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch.

Eyerdom, Timothy, 2014. Treating organic pollutants in urban runoff using slow-release oxidants : laboratory and field invesgation. Adviser: Dr. Eung Seok Lee.

Fox, Michael, 2014. An assessment of shock metamorphism for Jeptha Knob, a suspected impact crater in north-central Kentucky. Adviser: Dr. Keith Milam.

Hils, John, 2014. Neoichnology of the Burrowing Spiders Gorgyrella inermis (Araneae: Mygalomorphae) and Hogna lenta (Araneae: Araneomorphae). Adviser: Dr. Daniel Hembree.

Hinds, Amie, 2014. Controls on sequence boundary development in the Brush Creek interval, Conemaugh Group (late Pennsylvanian), Athens County, Ohio. Adviser: Dr. Greg Nadon.

MacDonald, Cody, 2014. Hydrothermal Circulation During Slip on the Mohave Wash Fault, Chemehuevi Mountains, SE CA: Oxygen Isotope Constraints. Adviser: Dr. Craig Grimes.

Muslim, Mohanad, 2014. A sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Berea sandstone in Athens County, Ohio. Adviser: Dr. Greg Nadon.

Richardson, Joshua, 2014. Thermal and hydrological study of flooded abandoned coal mines in Ohio as potential heat exchangers. Adviser: Dr. Dina Lopez.

Schleich, Katherine, 2014. Geochemical modeling of processes affecting water and sediment chemistry and their relationship to biological recovery in an acid mine drainage remediated stream. Adviser: Dr. Dina Lopez.

Wolfinger, Douglas, 2014. Geologic Characterization of Ladon Valles, Mars and the Surrounding Area. Adviser: Dr. Keith Milam.