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Geological Sciences Research

Allison Durkee did undergraduate research with Dr. Daniel Hembree.
Allison Durkee did undergraduate research with Dr. Daniel Hembree.

In the 2012-13 academic year, Geological Sciences faculty and students presented 30 papers at professional meetings, including two invited speakers and two keynote speakers.

  • Dr. David Kidder was the invited keynote speaker at Poe Symposium on April 19, 2013, at California State University of the Channel Islands. His symposium title was" Global Warming: We Have Been Here Before" and he gave a lecture on "Large Igneous Provinces and Warm Climates."
  • Dr. Alycia Stigall was the invited keynote speaker at the Paleontological Research Institute and Cornell University's Darwin Days, Ithaca, NY, Feb. 11, 2013. Her talk was on "Evolution, fossils, and invasive species."

Faculty published 28 referred papers, two books, two book chapters, one book review, one field guide, and one geological map. Faculty work in three research clusters:

  • Sedimentary/paleontology
  • Petrology/tectonics
  • Environmental

Ten undergraduate students were engaged in geological research with faculty members.

There were 13 active external grants, and one Ohio University 1804 grant.

State, National and International Service by Faculty

At the state, national and international level, the Geological Sciences faculty in the past year reviewed 68 papers and edited 25 papers for professional journals, two reports for the EPA, one field guide, and 14 grants for funding agencies. They have served as external reviewers of four doctorate theses for international universities.

Dr. Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch directs the Southeastern Ohio District 12 Science and Engineering Fair and is District 12 Representative to the Council of the Junior Ohio Academy of Science. Dr. Damian Nance is the U.S. Representative to UNESCO International Geoscience Programme IGCP Project 597: "Origin and Evolution of Pangea: The Type Example of the Supercontinent Cycle."