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Class Descriptions


Increase your cardiovascular endurance as you pedal your way through a variety of resistance hills, climbs and intervals. There is no complicated choreography with easy to learn techniques. Intensity is controlled by you, making cycling appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Cardio Dance 

Fun, excitement and all the hottest dance moves all designed into an awesome cardiovascular workout which will help you feel energized, burn calories, and enjoy life!


This yoga flow class moves through sun salutations, standing poses, balance poses, and seated stretches to get blood and energy moving throughout the body. We work on and focus on connecting movements to the breath. The class is open to all levels and offers modifications.

Hip Hop

This hip hop class will be focusing on breaking. Breaking, an athletic and acrobatic form of hip hop dance includes four main elements: toprock, downrock (footwork), powermoves, and freezes. Many moves involve the wrists as we will be on the floor, but we will stretch and warm up before jumping into the class. Make sure to arrive on time so you don’t miss the warm-up!


A new twist on an old favorite, this class aims to strengthen the heart, mind, and body through the foundational techniques of boxing. This energized workout is guaranteed to make you sweat and feel like a champ!


Contact Tony Gregory, Assistant Director of Well-Being & Fitness for assistance