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Club Sports

Compete in any of Ohio University’s 32 club sport teams. Each club is student-run and establishes an organizational framework, leadership and schedule to meet members' needs. 

What are Club Sports? 

Club Sports allow students to get together regularly to learn a new sport, or continue playing a sport they love. All 32 of Ohio University’s Club Sports are student-run organizations, that have varied practice and competition schedules. Read about individual Club Sport and its level of Competition to understand what skills and experience are required. Most Club Sports compete against other universities and are members of conferences or leagues. Some host events on campus but many also travel to compete. Club Sports may charge membership dues, determined by each individual club. 

To inquire about details regarding a specific club, please reference contacts within our Club Listing page. For questions or to request accommodations within the Club Sports program, contact or call 740.593.9913


Club Sports Handbook

Please review our Club Sports Handbook [PDF] to learn more about policies and procedures for all Ohio University Club Sports. 

Visiting Club Information

Please use our Visiting Club Guide [PDF] to answer questions about parking, lodging, emergency information, and our Visiting Team Assumption of Risk Form. If you have questions about specific teams, contact the club president.

Club Sport Application 

Want your student org to become a club sport? Complete this application form [PDF] and send it to  
The office will review the application to see if the organization is prepared for a presentation to the Club Sports Executive Council.