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Personal Training

About Personal Training 

Let the Campus Recreation's Certified Personal Trainers help you reach your well-being & fitness goals! Our trainers can help you set goals, develop an exercise program, or introduce you to exercises to take your fitness to the next level. Working with a personal trainer will help challenge and motivate you while keeping you accountable to your personalized goals. Personal training is great for students, faculty/staff, or community members of all ages and experiences. 

A full fitness assessment, which includes resting heart rate and blood pressure, body fat composition, weight, and girth measurement in addition to cardio, strength, and flexibility testing is included with the purchase of all personal training session packages. Trainers take specific illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions into account when planning your personalized fitness routine. 


Personal Training

How To Purchase Personal Training Sessions

1. Purchase your Personal Training sessions online here, at the front desk of the Ping Recreation Center front desk during open facility hours, or by calling Member Services at 740-593-9901.

*Upon purchase, you will receive a written confirmation email from a member of our team within one business day confirming your purchase and providing a reminder to fill out the New Client Packet (outlined below), if you have not done so already. 

2. Please fill out your New Client Packet online after purchase so that our team can ensure you are matched with a Personal Trainer in a timely manner. 



Package Options

We offer 4 different types of packages to choose from to meet your fitness needs! 

*Between December 2nd and December 20th, all 60 minute packages of 9 sessions or more are available at 15% OFF!

Private Personal Training


60 Minute Packages              

3 sessions $90 
9 sessions $252         *$214 between Dec 2 and Dec 20 
12 sessions $324         *$275 between Dec 2 and Dec 20 
18 sessions $450         *$382 between Dec 2 and Dec 20 
25 sessions $575         *$488 between Dec 2 and Dec 20
30 sessions $660         *$560 between Dec 2 and Dec 20

30 Minute Packages

1 session $25 
3 sessions $65
5 sessions $90


Small Group Training 


60 minute Packages

3 sessions $114 
9 sessions $297          *$252 between Dec 2 and Dec 20 
12 sessions $372          *$316 between Dec 2 and Dec 20 
18 sessions $504          *$428 between Dec 2 and Dec 20 
25 sessions  $700          *$595 between Dec 2 and Dec 20 
30 sessions  $825          *$702 between Dec 2 and Dec 20 

30 Minute Packages

1 session $33
3 sessions  $89.25
5 sessions $130

*Groups of up to 3 participants

**The prices for each package indicated below represent the total price for the entire group. If you purchase in person, payment can be divided among participants. 

Additional Information

  • All training sessions are planned at the convenience of the trainer and the client

  • Sessions must be paid in full prior to the first session
  • Training sessions will expire one year after purchase date if the client has not made alternate arrangements with the Well-Being & Fitness Program
  • Client may request to finish any uncompleted sessions with a new trainer if the client is unsatisfied with their current trainer. Client must call (740)-593-9918 to speak with the Assistant Director of Well-Being & Fitness
  • Sessions begin at the time it was scheduled, not the client's arrival time
  • If the client does not show up for a scheduled session without giving a 24 hour cancellation notice, one session will be deducted from the client's package.


Contact Tony Gregory, Assistant Director of Well-Being & Fitness for assistance