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The Rita LaValley Campus Recreation Student Support Fund

The Rita LaValley Campus Recreation Student Support Fund is established in honor of Rita LaValley who dedicated 30 years of service to Ohio University and served as a trusted colleague, mentor and friend to students, staff and faculty throughout her tenure.

Honoring attributes of Mrs. LaValley, this scholarship fund recognizes a Campus Recreation student employee that exemplifies exceptional service and dedication to the department, additionally providing a genuine care and support for others while serving as a mentor to their peers. Exceptional service is demonstrated through a consistent positive impact on customers’ experience and exhibiting an expansive knowledge of Campus Recreation’s facilities and programs. Student dedication is characterized by continued employment in Campus Recreation exceeding one academic year, continual engagement in the overall improvement of the department, and an understanding, passion, and appreciation for the learning objectives and opportunities provided by OHIO Campus Recreation.

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Rita LaValley Student Support Fund Award Winner

Year Award Winner Positions
2019 Gracie Beha
  • Resource Specialist
  • Member Services Specialist
  • Ping Center Supervisor & Facility Assistant
2021 Rose Minton
  • Member Service Assistant (Ping)
  • Supervisor (Ping)
  • Group Fitness Instructor
2022 Laurie Littlejohn
  • Member Service Assistant (Ping, Bird, GTC)
  • Supervisor (Ping)
2023 Maya Meade & Bebe Acuna
  • Maya Meade: Production Lead
  • Bebe Acuna: Supervisor (Golf & Tennis Center



The Kenneth McClintock Memorial Scholarship

The Kenneth McClintock Memorial Scholarship has been established to perpetuate - the memory of Kenneth McClintock. Kenneth McClintock served the Ohio University Intramural Program with distinction for four years. Their dedication and enthusiasm was based on their belief that the Intramural Sports Program is an important and integral part of the lives of the students of Ohio University.

This Scholarship is therefore, initiated to give recognition to undergraduate students (male and/or female) who through their actions have demonstrated a similar commitment to the Intramural Sports Program.

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Kenneth McClintock Scholarship Winner


Year Award Winner  
2019 Emily Trzeciak
  • Work Team Chair, Risk Management
  • CPR/First-Aid Instructor
  • Program Specialist
2020 Jayden Johnson
  • Work Team Chair, Personnel Management
2021 Corrine Rivers
  • Work Team Chair, Personnel and Marketing
2022 Tyler MacDonald
  • Work Team Chair, Officials Development
2023 Grace Borovich
  • Work Team Chair, Personnel and Risk Management


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