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The Rita LaValley Campus Recreation Student Support Fund

The Rita LaValley Campus Recreation Student Support Fund is established in honor of Rita LaValley who dedicated 30 years of service to Ohio University and served as a trusted colleague, mentor and friend to students, staff and faculty throughout her tenure.

Honoring attributes of Mrs. LaValley, this scholarship fund recognizes a Campus Recreation student employee that exemplifies exceptional service and dedication to the department, additionally providing a genuine care and support for others while serving as a mentor to their peers. Exceptional service is demonstrated through a consistent positive impact on customers’ experience and exhibiting an expansive knowledge of Campus Recreation’s facilities and programs. Student dedication is characterized by continued employment in Campus Recreation exceeding one academic year, continual engagement in the overall improvement of the department, and an understanding, passion, and appreciation for the learning objectives and opportunities provided by OHIO Campus Recreation.

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2021 Rita LaValley Student Support Fund Award Winner

Rose Minton

Gracie Beha headshot

Major: Finance

Graduation Year: 2021

Campus Recreation Positions:

  • Resource Specialist
  • Member Services Specialist
  • Ping Center Supervisor & Facility Assistant

“I think of Campus Recreation as more than just a student employer; I believe years down the road when I look back at my time with Ohio University Campus Recreation, I will think of it as the place where I truly discovered my potential as a person within the workplace and as a leader.”

Comments from Rita LaValley:

"Gracie met all the criteria and beyond! In the materials submitted she provided an excellent view of herself and her dedication to the department—I could feel her passion for recreation, co-workers and patrons! She also understands that through her experiences as a student employee she is developing lifelong skills."

Previous Winners 

Rita LaValley Student Support Fund Winners Year
Gracie Beha 2019
Rose Minton 2021


The Kenneth McClintock Memorial Scholarship

The Kenneth McClintock Memorial Scholarship has been established to perpetuate - the memory of Kenneth McClintock. Kenneth McClintock served the Ohio University Intramural Program with distinction for four years. Their dedication and enthusiasm was based on their belief that the Intramural Sports Program is an important and integral part of the lives of the students of Ohio University.

This Scholarship is therefore, initiated to give recognition to undergraduate students (male and/or female) who through their actions have demonstrated a similar commitment to the Intramural Sports Program.

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2019 Kenneth McClintock Scholarship Winner

Emily Trzeciak

Emily Trzeciak








Major: Biological Sciences; Honors Tutorial College

Graduation Year: 2019

Campus Recreation Positions

  • Work Team Chair, Risk Management
  • CPR/First-Aid Instructor
  • Program Specialist

From Emily:

"In intramurals, we often challenge ourselves with the question, “what mark do we want to leave on the program?” Reflecting on this statement as I prepare to graduate after three years in our program, I realize my three most important contributions to the program have been in participant safety, embracing change, and staff development.

As the WTC of Risk Management for two years now, I have always strived to improve participant safety. I have engaged in reviews of intramural safety procedures and constantly evaluated incident reports to ensure our participants are receiving the best care possible. As a CPR/ First-Aid Instructor, I have certified my staff to respond to injuries, but as a WTC, I regularly educated and evaluated my staff on responding to injuries through interactive scenarios to further prepare them for injuries they may face on shift.

In addition to improving safety, I have helped our program thrive by embracing changes and facilitating their implementation. A key reason why our program is so successful is that it is always evolving- from policy to the people who take part in changing it. I embraced the challenge of adapting to changes in our program, especially with changing leadership and the transition of adopting a new electronic forms system. I approached changes always with open-mindedness, support, and collaboration. I also extended this support to my entire staff and promoted camaraderie among us in what we know and love as our “intramural family”.

By providing my staff with constant support but also challenging them to leave their own mark on the program, I played a key role in their professional and personal growth which has been the most rewarding part of being a WTC. By investing in my staff and instilling in them the perpetual desire to give back to our program, they will replace me as I graduate and continue to contribute to the maintenance and growth of both our program and our staff."

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