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F45 Training Schedule

About F45 Training Classes

  • Ohio University's F45 Training classes are available to students enrolled in classes on the Athens Campus and Ping Center members who have purchased an F45 Membership.
  • For instructions regarding how to register for an F45 Training class, please visit our How to Register page. 
  • Register for our F45 Training classes via RecShop or the registration links below!
  • Registration period opens 23 hours prior to the class start time.
  • Learn more about each of the F45 Workouts on our F45 Workout Descriptions page. 
  • Purchase Your Spring F45 Membership by following the instructions on our Purchase Your F45 Membership page. 
  • Summer  Group Fitness Class schedule. (Cycle). 

Spring Special Events Fitness Schedule 

Summer F45 Training Schedule

Monday May 20 - Friday August 23

*FREE Trial Period for F45 Training, however you must possess a Ping Center Membership if you are not taking at least one credit hour on the Athens campus.

LocationCoachClass Start TimeClass End TimeRegistration
F45 StudioNicole12:15 pm1:00 pmRegister Here! 
F45 StudioEden7:30 am8:15 amRegister Here! 
F45 StudioBill12:15 pm1:00 pmRegister Here! 
F45 StudioBill7:30 am 8:15 amRegister Here! 
F45 StudioMia7:30 am8:15 amRegister Here! 
F45 StudioMia10:30 am11:15 amRegister Here! 
F45 StudioNicole12:30 pm1:15 pmRegister Here! 

* OHIO Students must be enrolled in classes on Athens Campus.
** Non-Students must have a Ping Recreation Center Membership as well as an F45 Membership to have access. 

*** Single passes must be purchased in person at the Ping Recreation Center. If you do not have a Ping Membership, you will need to also purchase a day pass. Our Member Services team at the front desk will be able to assist you in purchasing a day pass if you do not already have a membership or registering for the F45 class you would like to attend! 


Rose Minton
Graduate Assistant, Fitness