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F45 Training Memberships

Faculty & Staff Free Trial Week: 

Between March 11 and March 15, faculty and staff will be able to register for F45 Training classes free of charge 23 hours before each class start time! 

March 11 - March 15

*No F45 Membership Required for Faculty/Staff Free Week!

LocationCoachClass Start TimeClass End TimeRegistration
Saturday March 9    
F45 StudioBill10:00 am10:45 amRegister Here! 
Monday March 11
F45 StudioBill12:15 pm1:00 pmRegister Here! 
Tuesday March 12
F45 StudioBill7:30 am8:15 amRegister Here! 
F45 StudioTony5:30 pm6:15 pmRegister Here! 
Wednesday March 13
F45 StudioBill7:30 am8:15 amRegister Here! 
Thursday March 14
F45 StudioBill12:15 pm1:00 pmRegister Here! 
F45 StudioTony5:30 pm6:15 pmRegister Here! 
Friday March 15
F45 StudioBill7:30 am8:15 amRegister Here! 
Saturday March 16    
F45 StudioBill10:00 am10:45 amRegister Here! 
Sunday March 17    
F45 StudioBill12:30 pm1:15 pmRegister Here! 

Full F45 Training Schedule!

F45 Membership Prices

Membership Type*OHIO Student Rate**Non-Student Rate
***Single Pass$8$10
30-Day Unlimited Membership$20$30
Semester Unlimited Membership (Fall, Spring, or Summer) $50$80

* OHIO Students must be actively enrolled in classes on Athens Campus in the semester participating. 
** Non-Students must have a Ping Recreation Center Membership as well as an F45 Membership to have access (Exception: F45 Faculty/Staff Trial Week - No Ping Center Membership Needed)

*** If you do not have a Ping Membership, you will need to also purchase a day pass. Our Member Services team at the front desk will be able to assist you in purchasing a day pass if you do not already have a membership or registering for the F45 class you would like to attend! 

Purchase Your F45 Training Membership

OHIO Students, faculty/staff members, and community members who have a Ping Membership: Purchase your F45 Training Membership by following the instructions below. 

1. Visit RecShop.

2. Log into your account:

  • OHIO students and Faculty/Staff: Use your OHIO ID and password to log in.
  • Community Members: Select "Sign up" in the top right corner and fill in all required fields. For the “Member Information”  field, use your assigned PID number without the “P.” If you do not have a PID number, please call Member Services at 740.593.9901 or visit the Ping Center to complete your membership purchase.

3. Once you are logged in, you can either select the three lined button in the top left corner and select "Memberships" OR you can simply click the Facilities Membership tile on the main RecShop page.

4. F45 membership options will populate based on your eligibility. If you believe the options available are incorrect, please email Tony Gregory, the Assistant Director, Well-Being & Fitness at 

5. Select the F45 membership that displays for you (either F45 Student, F45 Faculty/Staff, or F45 Adult Community).

6. You'll have the option to select a "Free Trial option" (during any of our special free trial periods), Semester Pass, 1 Month, or 1 Day" membership. 

  • If you select the "1 Month" Membership, you will be prompted to select the effective date in which your membership starts and be able to see how long your 30 Day Membership is active for by referencing the "Until Date." This date range would be the date range that you have access to be able to register for F45 classes. These dates should match your Ping Membership Period. 
  • If you select the "1 Day" Membership, the effective date should reflect the day in which you will be registering for a class. We recommend you purchase your day pass membership 24 hours prior to the time of the class you would like to attend (Exception: F45 Faculty/Staff Trial Week - Registration opens February 7th) so that you can register in advance. 

7. Select "Add To Cart."

8. Sign our Assumption of Risk by selecting each box, filling in the correct information, and clicking “Save.”

9. Select "Sign Now" 

10. Select "Checkout" 

Upon completion of signing up for your membership, you will then have the ability to be able to register for F45 classes beginning 24 hours prior to the class's start time. Due to the availability of equipment, each class will be capped at 27 participants. Please follow the instructions on on the How to Register for an F45 Training Class after purchase of your membership or free trial to ensure you reserve your spot! 


Rose Minton
Graduate Assistant, Fitness