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Promotion and Tenure Committee


The Heritage College Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee may consist of one (1) tenured faculty member from each college department when available or its representative from a tenured faculty of rank; two (2) additional tenured faculty members as at-large members; two (2) additional instructional or clinical faculty representatives as at-large members; and the associate dean of faculty (ex-officio). The members will have an academic rank of Associate or higher and will be appointed by the executive dean in consultation with the academic chairs. Each appointment will be for a three-year term, with a maximum limit of two (2) consecutive terms as a P&T committee member, though additional consecutive terms may be permitted if an alternative in a given department cannot be found. No department chair shall serve on this committee.


Craig Nunemaker, PhD, Chair Department of Biomedical Sciences 2nd term ends 6/30/26
Robert Truax, DO * Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine 1st term ends 6/30/24
Elizabeth Beverly, PhD * Department of Primary Care 1st term ends 6/30/24
Nagesh Rao, PhD Department of Social Medicine 1st term ends 6/30/26
Jane Broecker, MD Department of Specialty Medicine 3rd term ends 6/30/25
Mario Grijalva, PhD * Tenured At-large 1st term ends 6/30/24
Leah Sheridan, PhD Instructional At-large 1st term ends 6/30/25
Amber Healy, DO Clinical At-large 1st term ends 6/30/25

* Replacement/one-year term

Ex Officio Non-Voting

Susan Williams, PhD, associate dean, faculty

Staff Support

Kendall Brown-Clovis, MEd, senior director of faculty affairs