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2010 Phillips Medal Recipients

Phillips Medal Recipients

2010 Recipients

John J. Kopchick, Ph.D.

Dr. John J. Kopchick, Goll Ohio Eminent Scholar and Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine professor of biomedical sciences, leads a team of scientists who, in 1989, discovered and characterized the molecular aspects of growth hormone antagonist. That discover lead to several U.S. and European patents, and became the basis for the drug Somavert® the first prescription medicine of its type available for treating acromegaly, a growth hormone disorder that can cause excessive growth of organs and bones in adults and can lead to premature death. This one treatment has improved the lives of thousands of individuals, and has earned substantial royalties to support promising new research programs at Ohio University.

David R. Scholl, Ph.D.

As president and CEO of Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc., David R. Scholl, Ph.D., guided this Athens-based company--which employs approximately 220 people-- to international prominence as the originator and manufacturer and marketer of innovate and reliable diagnostic kits for detecting a wide range of medical conditions. Quidel Corporation of San Diego, Calif., recently purchased the company, retaining Scholl, an OHIO alumnus, as president and CEO, while also naming him a senior vice president for Quidel. Scholl's scientific and business acumen has not only led to the creation of jobs in Ohio's Appalachian area, but also has been instrumental in providing reliable and prompt diagnosis of multiple medical conditions for patients across the nation and beyond.

John M. Haseley, J.D.

John M. Haseley, J.D., also an OHIO alumnus, has played a key role in at least a dozen health initiatives during his tenures as chief of staff for Congressman, then Governor, Ted Strickland. As chief of staff for the congressman, he worked for increased Medicaid coverage for low-income women with breast cancer and to secure fundings for improved health services in Appalachian Ohio. As a member of Governor Strickland's team, he advocated for former workers of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant who became ill because of their job. Mr. Haseley worked for the success of initiatives that extended insurance coverage for young adults and established a cap on insurance company charges to people with pre-existing conditions.