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Chief Medical Affairs Officer


Spearheading Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The chief medical affairs officer (CMAO) is charged with providing leadership for university-wide medical initiatives that advance Ohio University’s success, visibility and biomedical research at the regional, state and national level.

The role seeks to leverage cross-disciplinary medical research and initiatives for the shared benefit of advancing the University’s Strategic Pathways. Specifically, the role focuses on and supports incentivizing interdisciplinary collaborations, building a University engagement ecosystem, and strengthening the University’s public service mission around issues of medicine, health and wellbeing.

Incentivizing interdisciplinary collaborations

The CMAO is tasked with collaboratively working to bolster Ohio University’s biomedical research and scholarship strengths to expand current and create new opportunities for innovative research and tech transfer.

Building a university engagement ecosystem

The CMAO will focus on building strategic relationships with major health systems, industry partners and federal funding agencies, whose support will be crucial to the expansion collaborative research initiatives, educational opportunities, care delivery and services.

Strengthening the university’s public service mission

Community care is a priority for the CMAO. This includes supporting the health and wellbeing of local communities by creating opportunities for high-quality, low-cost health care, services and programs.

HIPAA at Ohio University

Protecting Health Information

Ohio University strives to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected health information through requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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