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Anti-Racist Culture Commitment

The Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine has committed itself to developing an anti-racist culture. Therefore, faculty representatives have developed specific commitments that will aid faculty in achieving this goal. We, the undersigned faculty:

  1. Commit to doing the ongoing personal and professional work required to make the Heritage College and our local communities a safe place for every person of color.

  2. Commit to participating in comprehensive anti-racism training that requires active participation, critical reflection and authentic conversation.

  3. Commit to integrating comprehensive anti-racism education into our curriculum for all students, and including more voices of people of color in our medical education.

  4. Commit to fostering a sustainable culture of anti-racism in our teaching, research, clinical practice and service that involves acknowledging, naming and rejecting policies, procedures, practices, attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate racism.

  5. Commit to holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable for these commitments.

Sign the Anti-Racist Culture Commitment


Signatories of the Anti-Racist Culture Commitment include the elected faculty of the Heritage College: 

Kelly McCall, Ph.D., Chair of Faculty

Larry Witmer, Ph.D., 1st Vice Chair of Faculty

Jean Rettos, D.O., 2nd Vice Chair of Faculty

Anna Kerr, Ph.D., Secretary of Faculty

Leah Sheridan, Ph.D., Vice Chair of Faculty, Dublin

Ron Russ, D.O., Vice Chair of Faculty, Cleveland

Andrea Barresi, Ph.D., Past Vice Chair of Faculty, Cleveland

Suzanne Ballard, Ph.D., Past Secretary of Faculty

Amy Zidron, D.O., Ph.D., Past Chair of Faculty


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