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2021 Recipients

1st Quarter


Pamela Horvath CARE Award 2021 Q1

Pamela Horvath, Curriculum Coordinator 

Cleveland, Academic Affairs 

"Pam has such a wealth of knowledge about everything curriculum! She always knows either the answer to all my questions or knows who can answer them for me. When I had difficulty finding something in eMedley, Pam knew right away how to find the information and walked me through step-by-step. She knows all the many pieces of the TCC curriculum and is my go-to person for everything TCC. Pam is the behind-the-scenes person who makes everything happen, and people often don't realize all that she does. She cares so much that students have everything they need to advance through medical school."

"Pam is one of the warmest and most helpful people on campus. Answering every question I had on arrival to the Cleveland campus, she remains both an excellent colleague and friend. She is ever helpful to the faculty who teach and grapple with remote technologies, as well as students guiding them through their HCOM life. A superb candidate for the CARE award."

"Pam has worked tirelessly to ensure that the curriculum be delivered accurately and smoothly on our campus. She comes in early and leaves late and does whatever it takes to provide our students with the best possible experience. She is a true educator who loves her profession!"   


Bridget Fenjac CARE Award 2021 Q1

Bridget Fenjac, Records Management Specialist 

Cleveland, Clinical Education 

"Bridget is a team player and always willing to jump in and cover for any member of the records management team when needed. Bridget is very detail orientated and meticulous when it comes to her job responsibilities. Bridget works tirelessly to respond to all student and staff questions. I am glad that over the last few years, Iā€™ve gotten to know Bridget as our working relationship changed with the formation of the records management team. Bridget is a valuable member of the records management team and OU-HCOM and very deserving of the CARE award."

"During the trying and busy times over the past year, Bridget has excelled in taking on additional tasks in addition to her normal records management responsibilities. There have been many challenges, changes and new tasks as we implement the new LMS, eMedley. Bridget has taken the challenges and changes in stride and has created numerous instruction documents for staff and assisted with staff training as we all learn eMedley. She is always willing to assist and cover for her RMT coworkers when they are away from work. Recently she has worked with many different colleagues across the college to ensure that the TCC students meet all of their requirements as they prepare for graduation and to help streamline things for future TCC students. Bridget is a great asset to the records management team and should be recognized for her many contributions not only to RMT, but all of clinical education."



Jodie Foster CARE Award 2021 Q1

Jodie Foster, DPT, Associate Professor of Instruction, Medical Anatomy 

Dublin, Biomedical Sciences 

"The 20-21 academic year brought many unique challenges to the faculty in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. There have been several times when a faculty member, often with short notice, has had step away for a short time due to family emergencies, illness, you name it. Despite her full teaching and service schedule, Jodie Foster is often the first one to step up and offer to help -- the definition of going above and beyond. Jodie has taken on last minute teaching activities and committee work. Not only does Jodie volunteer to step in, but she consistently completes the assumed task to the highest standards of success. We are lucky to have Jodie are part of our HCOM faculty team."

2nd Quarter 


Holly Jacobs CARE Award 2021 Q2

Holly Jacobs, Director, Clinical Education 

Clinical Education 

"Holly is such a kind and caring person. She is organized and passionate about what she does. She takes time to listen and understand what is going on and invests many (MANY) hours to make sure all is running smoothly. Her dedication to OUHCOM, staff, employees and the medical students is excellent. We are very blessed to have Holly Jacobs"

"During the stressful, ever-changing times of clinical education, Holly always leads with a smile and pushes all of her staff toward teamwork and achievements. As the director of clinical education, she has many responsibilities but always makes sure decisions and processes have the best interest of students and staff to make HCOM a success. Holly is constantly thinking ahead of how upcoming changes will impact and change clinical education and how they can benefit staff and students. For example, with the implementation of the new LMS, eMedley, or HCOM restructuring, she is working us toward a successful future." 

"No matter what is on the table, Holly always puts students first when making decisions! When it comes to care for her staff, she readily advocates for needed resources and especially technology that streamlines processes. No problem is too big or small to bring to her attention. And she will not relent until there's a satisfactory solution. She has always put in long hours, but during the COVID-19 crisis, she has really shown her heart and drive to keep students on rotations and staff knowing they are appreciated."



Clarissa Brown CARE Award 2021 Q2

Clarissa Brown, Records Management Specialist 

Clinical Education 

"Clarissa is a great asset to the clinical education team. She always answers emails quickly, and she never tires of explaining a process, even when she may have just explained it five minutes earlier. She has handled a difficult transition with a new LMS beautifully and is always willing to help others navigate the system. I trust her to keep me on track with all of my student records tracking too! I am glad she is on my team!"

"Clarissa is a quiet, unspoken hero of clinical education for the Heritage College. She is efficient and kind and never seems to tire or lose patience in the face of endless questions and constant changes"


Jane Balbo, DO, Assistant Professor 

Primary Care

"Dr. Balbo has created many opportunities to interact with students even during the pandemic. She has made time to have zoom meetings to talk to me about rural medicine, work-life balance and more, I have learned a lot from these chats throughout the year. She remains engaged with the HCOM community by attending seminars such as "Understanding Pronouns" and other diversity talks. Seeing her at these events sets a great example for students and faculty to continue learning about these topics. She also gets involved with students by advising clubs. She went on a hike with me and the other three Ohio Women in Medicine exec members this summer. This allowed us to bond and brainstorm ideas for the year. Dr. Balbo is always willing to make time for mentoring students and her presence makes OU HCOM a welcoming and more inclusive space" 

3rd Quarter 


CARE Award 2021 Q3

Ryan Clopton-Zymler, MSSA, Assistant Director, Inclusion 


"He is truly nurtures an inclusive environment. He makes myself, and other students, feel like we belong at HCOM. He is supportive, and honest, and a wonderful resource because if he does not have the answer, he will help you try to find it. Outside of the classroom he is an advocate for the things he believes in, is strong, and involved with his community. I have a lot of admiration for Ryan, and I think he is a symbol of excellence for so many reasons"

"Ryan is such a shining example of what the CARE awards symbolize. They continue to go above and beyond every day when it comes to inclusion, equity and advocacy for our students on any campus. I have not only been on the receiving end of Ryan's workshops and gotten to experience the way they pull you into uncomfortable conversations, but this year during orientation, I was able to see from a different perspective how much of a valuable contribution Ryan makes to our campus community. They presented one of the diversities and inclusion workshops at the tail end of orientation and I don't think anyone else could have drummed up that much enthusiasm, participation, and excitement during the interactive workshop as Ryan was able to. Seeing the students engage in conversations around intersectionality was awesome. So many of the students stood in line to speak with Ryan after that presentation and I think that really speaks to how valuable of a campus community member they are. No one is more deserving of this recognition" 


Pierce CARE Award 2021 Q3

Starr Pierce, Health Services Specialist 

Clinical Education  

"Starr is one of the most consistently positive people I have ever known.  Regardless of the circumstances, or in spite of stressful situations, Starr remains positive and energized.  Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious within our department, and brightens everyone's outlook.  She is always willing to help her co-workers with any task and is definitely a team player."

"Starr is always willing to help out for additional tasks and responsibilities that are sent her way. She assists APAs all across the state with their student evaluations. Most recently she has stepped in to assist with the currently vacant HHS position on the Dublin campus, while still maintaining her normal responsibilities. She is always cheerful and encouraging, often prompting a smile from staff on hard and challenging days. In recent months Starr has taken on numerous responsibilities to beyond her normal job to assist other staff in need and tasks due to job vacancies. Even before this, Starr has always assisted with needs throughout clinical education, not just with responsibilities related to her campus. Most recently Starr has filled in for the Dublin HSS position which is currently vacant. In stride she works hard to complete the tasks needed for our students on CCEs and communicates with our CCE preceptors. Starr has also recently another clinical education site in the state by traveling there to help proctor student COMAT exams. While proctoring one of the recent exams she was professional and worked to help resolve technical difficulties at a place that was unfamiliar to her so the students could succeed with their exams."


Beverly CARE Award 2021 Q3

Elizabeth Beverly, PhD, Associate Professor; Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Ralph S. Licklider, DO; Endowed Faculty Fellow in Behavioral Diabetes

Primary Care

"Dr. Beverly is an incredible mentor, teacher and researcher. I have been working closely with her in the RSAF program this summer and she always goes above and beyond when teaching and mentoring. I have learned more about research in this first month working with her than I did in four years of undergraduate research. During my first year at HCOM, she was also my small group coach during the first semester. She made my whole small group feel so welcome and supported during an incredibly difficult year to start medical school. Additionally, students from all campuses always rave about her iLabs because she is so straightforward in the way she teaches and makes students feel supported when she is teaching. She is an all-around stellar faculty member that HCOM is lucky to have!"


4th Quarter 


Jennifer Fleming Care Award 2021

Jennifer Fleming, MBA, Academic Program Administrator 

Clinical Education

"Jennifer has taken on the responsibility of presenting on behalf of all HCOM Academic Program Administrators during the July new year 3 student orientation and again to prepare students for year 4 out rotations and local rotation scheduling.  Both presentations require extensive preparation and updating each year. Jennifer never complains about the annual extra work and maintains a very calm and professional demeanor. She is always willing to help out with answering questions or offering support whether for a student or fellow staff.  I have known Jennifer since 2004 when she was the St. John Medical Center, Westlake student and GME assistant and I was covering as APA. No matter how busy she is she always has time to listen and help find a solution.  She adjusts quickly to extreme and last-minute circumstances with excellent results and all the while remaining "unflappable." Both personally and professionally, Jennifer embodies the mission and values of HCOM."

"Jennifer goes out of her way time and again to help her fellow APAs understand complicated processes in clinical education.  She does a presentation yearly at system didactics to teach rising 4th year students how to find audition and out rotations.  She will pursue questions until she can find an answer then share with everyone.  She is knowledgeable and kind in work, and does her best to help everyone around her.  With her help, we're able to better serve students and work more efficiently."


Michael See Care Award 2021

Michael See, Maintenance Coordinator 

"Mike came on board during the pandemic.  I met him in person during my occasional visits to campus.  He is personable, customer service oriented, willing to learn.  I appreciate his willingness to remain on campus while the rest of the team worked remote.  Mike redeemed his time to learn the building and build relationships with the environmental services team who supports us.  Mike is always available to deliver packages no matter how small.  During the pandemic specifically, it seemed I had one million packages. I am grateful to Mike for collecting bone and skull boxes when needed. He is always very kind to our students and will do what he can to help them as well.  In addition to these qualities, Mike is very smart and approaches projects with common sense combined with wisdom and experience gained over the years.  He is a critical thinker and adventurous and can get the job done with excellence.  This was especially so when he put together the huge skeleton that was purchased for our trunk or treat this year.  Mike is so deserving of this recognition.  Thanks Mike for all that you do!"

"Michael is there with a smile the second you need him, and is always ready to assist no matter the task! He has kept the Cleveland campus going...and has become an amazing asset to our team! We would be lost without him!"


Sarah Rubin Care Award 2021

Sarah Rubin, PhD, Assistant Professor of Instruction 

Social Medicine

"Dr. Rubin tirelessly advocates for students, staff and faculty. She not only does important work and research in the community, but also serves an essential role in leading education about social determinants of health for our students and challenges thoughts and ideas we might have coming into different situations. As a fellow anthropologist, I cannot say enough how much I appreciate having someone like Dr. Rubin on the faculty. She serves as a support person for students, staff and faculty alike and always tries to advocate for what is right and what is safe, especially during COVID. Her impact on the greater Cleveland community and campus community cannot be understated."

"Dr. Rubin cares about her field immensely, but she cares about us students even more. She wholeheartedly embodies good character and moral compass. As a professor, her call to action to support others as individuals and on a global scale cannot go unnoticed. Dr. Rubin is pure excellence!"