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2020 Recipients

1st Quarter


Jodie Penrod 1st Q CARE Winner 2020

Jodie Penrod, Senior Director, Technology

Office of Information and Learning Technologies

"She is always on the lookout for better ways to deliver our services, carefully weighing customer feedback. The work she has put into the IT design for the new building has been remarkable, encompassing weekly meetings with consultants and stakeholders, technology demonstrations and pilots, and careful budgeting. Much of that work was done during a time in which her health was not fully cooperating, demonstrating a tremendous commitment to HCOM." 

"She has been vital in the coordination of new technology implementation across the three campuses, including the new Heritage Hall building. Her ideas and knowledge are greatly valued throughout the college, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her. Personally, her achievements are above and beyond any other, and there was zero chance that anything would hold her back."


Catherine Perry CARE Winner Q1 2020

Catherine Perry, Records Management Specialist

Office of Clinical Education

“Catie approaches everything with an enormous amount of professionalism and enthusiasm. I have worked directly with Catie in the Dublin Division on many new processes that could potentially cause confusion and frustration for staff. Catie’s positive attitude deters many negative responses, and her ability to stay grounded helps others to succeed.”

"Catie embodies all the attributes of the ideal employee, team member and coworker! She always meets and exceeds expectations with regard to her work ethic, professionalism and customer service. She is valued among all who interact with her. Catie is the shining example of the standard of excellence."


Fabian Benencia CARE Winner Q1 2020

Fabian Benencia, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Immunology

Department of Biomedical Sciences

“He is consistently communicating with our class the most up-to-date information regarding our course and really cares about getting us all through this unprecedented time. He is a wonderful educator who genuinely cares about students’ understanding of content, as well as connecting with faculty to get the answers to our questions.”

"Dr. Benencia has always been a great professor but has gone above and beyond during online classes and COVID-19 craziness to make sure the students have everything we need and are taking care of ourselves. It is encouraging and comforting to know he is always rooting for us."

2nd Quarter


Patricia Roberts Care 2nd Q 2020

Patricia Roberts, Ph.D., Academic Program Administrator

Office of Clinical Education

"During the COVID-19 crisis she has been in constant communication with us, keeping us in the loop and letting us know we were taken care of. We never had to wait for a message from her."

"Medical school is hard, but knowing Dr. Roberts always has my back makes it just that much easier. She is a true student advocate and works diligently to take care of student needs."

"She gets to know each of us and figures out her own plan to help us with our achievements. Dr. Roberts always offers a caring heart and words of encouragement with every turn. Her calm demeanor, ready-for-anything attitude and vast resources are just a few qualities that make her deserving of this award."


Beth McDonald Care 2nd Q 2020

Beth McDonald, Administrative Specialist

Office of Student Affairs

"Beth’s work is normally done behind the scenes and she does not seek credit or accolades. We want her to know that her work does not go unnoticed and that it is vitally important to our students and staff here at the College. "

"Beth anticipates the needs of our upcoming projects and often completes tasks before we've started discussing them. She isn't afraid to tackle complex initiatives, like processing contracts and coordinating billing." 

"Beth always has a can-do attitude and is incredibly patient and kind to our students. She certainly makes my job much easier and enjoyable. Beth is a wonderful employee and friend and an asset to the Heritage College."


Melissa Thomas Care 2nd Q 2020

Melissa Thomas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Department of Family Medicine

"She would go out of her way to do things for us that no other staff member has done, and she would do these things in such a genuine way. In the midst of her other obligations, Dr. Thomas took a moment to send our small group a motivational message an hour prior to taking our first exam of the acute semester. When this message came through, I remember thinking how kind it was for her to remember on that day we had our first exam, how thoughtful it was for her to reach out to us and how empowering her message was."

"When uncertainty struck during the first weeks of the pandemic and classes were going online, Dr. Thomas sent our small group an email. In this email, she shared a personal experience of hers that left us with the message that even though the journey may stray off course and not be as expected, anyone can find acceptance, enjoyment and success in what is brought to them should they have an open mind. She helped us to acknowledge the important things in life and was such a motivation to us all."