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Past & Current Residence Hall Project


Gamertsfelder Hall

  • 2022-2023 Academic Year
    • Heating and Air Conditioning Upgrades
      • Removing of window air units and perimeter heating.
      • Connected building to university chilled water loop.
      • Installed new heating and cooling units with individual room control.
      • New system also included air quality improvements with installation of new DOAS units.
      • New Corridor Lighting and Ceilings
      • Upgraded Internet Infrastructure
      • New Life Safety System
      • Renovated Existing Bathrooms
        • New Showers, Toilets, Sinks and Counters
        • New Toilet Partitions
        • New Shower Doors that Lock
        • New Single User Restrooms on Floors 1, 2, 3.
        • New Out of the Room Engagement Spaces within the building due to building footprint efficiencies from renovation.
          • This met a goal of the master plan to create more out of the unit engagement space.
  • Summer 2023
    • New Windows
    • New Room Blinds
    • New LED Room Lights
    • Building Repaint
    • New Wayfinding and Room Signage
    • New Casework in all student rooms
    • New Beds, Mattresses, Desks, Chairs and Microwave/Refrigerator Units.
  • Summer 2024
    • Replace flooring throughout corridors and student rooms.

Washington Hall

  • New Windows, New Blinds – Summer 2023
  • New Casework, Repaint Rooms, New Flooring in Rooms – Summer 2024

Bryan Hall

  • New Windows, New Window Blinds, New Life Safety System, Basement Bathroom Restroom Renovations, New Out of the Unit Engagement spaces in the basement (created without impact bedspace count), New Heating and Cooling System
  •  Project completed over 2 summers to allow for building to remain online for use for students.

Sargent Hall Lobby Renovation – Summer 2023

  • New Out of the Room Engagement Spaces for Students
    • Small 1 person study space with whiteboard
    • 2-4 Person Study Space
    • Renovated Seminar Room with new flatscreen TV and whiteboard
    • New Single User Restroom
    • New Kitchen with Ice Machine
    • Renovated Lobby with historic affinity to building and West Green.
    • New Pool Table and Flat screen TV in lobby.

Treudley Hall Lobby Renovation – Summer 2023

  • New Out of the Room Engagement Spaces for Students
    • 2 - Small 1 person study space with whiteboard
    • 1 – 4 Person Study Space
      • Both the 4 Person and 1 Person Spaces were created with taking any student beds offline.
      • New Single User Restroom
      • Renovated Lobby with new furniture
      • New Pool Table and Flat screen TV in lobby.

Boyd Hall – May 2023 – February 2024

  • First Floor Engagement Space Creation – The Den
    • Took old lobby and old offices and some student rooms to convert to a new student engagement space with for both commuter and residential students on the West Green:
      • One – 12 Person Conference Room
      • One – 8 Person Conference Room
      • Three – 6 Person Conference Rooms
      • Two – 4 Person conference Rooms
      • 3 Lounges
      • Student Printing Station
      • Flex Office
  • West Nest Engagement Space Renovation
    • New Paint
    • New Carpet
    • New Ceiling
    • New Lighting
    • Flat Screen TV
    • New Furniture
    • New Pool Table
    • New Ping Pong Table
    • New Booth Seating with Additional Electrical Outlets to support student electronic device use

South Green New Construction - Anticipated Completion May 2026

  • Construction of 591 Bed, 5 story facility on a plinth in the South Green.
  • Building will include:
    • Single Room
    • Double Rooms
    • 4 Elevators
    • Variety of out of the room engagement spaces for 1-4 people
    • A 25-person conference room
    • A main lobby open to commuter and residential students
    • Two - 2 story engagement spaces each with a community kitchen
    • Outdoor Engagement space lawn connecting new building to the Front Four with two bridge connectors in between Brown and Mackinnon and Brown and Pickering.
    • Removal of Existing Plinth Connection between Mackinnon and Crawford Halls.
      • New Entrance for Mackinnon Hall
      • New Connection Bridge that allows more natural light underneath in garage to create new connection pathway to the back of South Green from the Front Four all the way to South Green Drive
    • A 2000 square foot conference room at grade level.
    • 3 single user restrooms at grade level accessible to users of the Paw Print Park and surround outdoor engagement space like the Recreation Fields.
    • New Bathrooms with private shower/toilet rooms with lockable doors, single use restrooms.

Front Four Renovation – Anticipated Fall 2027 – Fall 2031

  • Pickering – 2027-2028 Academic Year
  • Brown – 2028 – 2029 Academic Year
  • Mackinnon -2029 – 2030 Academic Year
  • Crawford – 2030 – 2031 Academic Year

Demolition of Remaining Back South Buildings - 2030

  • Wray House
  • Dougan House
  • Ewing House
  • True House
  • Hoover House