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Southwest Airlines - Ohio University Preferred Airline Announces Discount Fares

We are excited to announce that SOUTHWEST AIRLINES is the newest addition to our Travel Program! The University has entered into a discount agreement with Southwest Airlines that provides a 3% or better discount rate for flights originating from one of the following Ohio airports and is based on the type of fare you purchase:

  • Columbus                                                                                                  
  • Cincinnati 
  • Cleveland                                                                                                                                 

The applicable fares and the related discount rates are below:

Southwest Discount Rates Chart

These discounts are effective October 1, 2019 for individual airline tickets only.  In order to secure these discounted rates, travel must be booked through Concur or by calling Christopherson Business Travel and booking through a travel agent.

Group discount rates are coming in spring 2020 but Southwest Airlines is currently developing the group programs and configuring their systems for the group program discounts.  The OHIO Travel Program continues to look for opportunities to save the university money by leveraging our data to negotiate preferred pricing with our suppliers.  We are also looking to partner with other Ohio public universities, through the Inter-University Council, to consolidate airline spend across the state to negotiate additional benefits and future discounts for our customers. 

Ohio University will be evaluating our university wide spend on a quarterly basis and continue to work with Southwest Airlines to negotiate the best rates possible by leveraging our institutional spend.

Questions?  Contact Finance Customer Care at financecustomercare@ohio.edu or 740-597-6446.