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Quarterly Purchase Order Review

November 30, 2022

With the current fiscal year underway, now is a good time to review your purchase order activity and clean up any spent or old PO’s you no longer need.  When completing this review, please ensure that you have paid all invoices for products or services that you have received. You will be unable to re-open the PO once it is closed, and additional steps will have to be taken to pay any outstanding invoices on a Payment Request form. Below are some tips for reviewing your purchase orders:

  • To review your open purchase orders and encumbrance balances, you can use the PO Summary Dashboard within OBI. When reviewing the dashboard, you will select Closure Status of “open” and use any other criteria to narrow down your search. A quick reference guide for use of this dashboard can be found here.
    • After completing the review, if you find that there are POs that are fully invoiced or need to be closed for other purposes, you can submit a Close PO Request form in BobcatBUY.
  • When reviewing your POs if you find that additional funds are needed on a blanket PO to fulfill invoices throughout the remainder of the fiscal year, process the change request in BobcatBUY.

If you have any questions about POs belonging to your department, please reach out to