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P2P Improvements go live in September

The P2P Improvements team has been working to put the final touches on the improvements communicated in an August Business Matter’s article. The rollout of new functionality on September 18 will include the changes detailed below.

Accounts Payable and Procurement Services have completed the testing of the Supplier/Payee Information Form that will replace the OHIO Substitute W-9, and will be used in conjunction with the Standard IRS W-9 or appropriate IRS W-8.

The team finalized three new BobcatBUY (BCB) forms that will roll out in September.

The P2P Improvements rollout includes the streamlined supplier onboarding and maintenance process. Users will be able to submit new or updated supplier information through the Payment Request, Service Agreement and Non-Catalog Item forms along with their requisition or payment request. Please note that the Request to Add/Update New Supplier button will be removed from BobcatBUY (BCB) since the Payment Request, Service Agreement and Non-Catalog Item Forms will incorporate this functionality.

The Payment Request Form is a new form in BCB that incorporates into a single step the new supplier setup and the payment request. The Payment Request Form will replace the Direct Payments (DP) Form and the Honorarium Requisition. Because no requisition or purchase order is needed, this form will allow the request to be sent directly to supplier management and/or payments eliminating two steps from the process. The Payment Request Form will allow for processing of the following types of payments:

  • Payments formerly known as “Direct Payments”
  • Gifts, awards, prizes, honorariums, settlements (for non-employees)
  • Participant payments
  • Reimbursements
  • Refunds

The Service Agreement Form in BCB will replace the following BCB forms:

  • Comprehensive IC Requisition
  • IC EZ Requisition
  • Service Agreement Purchase Order

The Service Agreement Form streamlines the creation of a requisition for service agreements by combining multiple BCB forms into one new BCB form through a dynamic drop-down list. Rather than duplicating information already contained on standard OHIO agreements or contracts, the PDF documents are attached in BCB with only minimal required information.

Procurement Services continues to work with Legal Affairs to update existing forms and create new short-form service agreements that enable planning unit CFAOs to approve and sign off through signature sub-delegation. This is just a part of what Finance is doing to empower units to make decisions locally and improve turnaround time to meet the needs of customers. New agreements will be rolled out later this fiscal year.

The Non-Catalog Item Form has been enhanced to include the ability to add a new supplier or update an existing supplier within the Form eliminating the need for a separate step.

The enhanced Payment Dashboard in OBI will allow for payment tracking from the time the request is made, until the payment clears the bank. This dashboard will give users transparency into the payment life cycle and the ability to answer supplier questions related to payments.

The training video and quick reference guides will be available September 11 on the Finance website.

The P2P Improvements project team will host a P2P Improvements booth at the Supplier Fair September 20 in Baker University Center Ballroom. Please stop by to chat about the upcoming changes and ask any questions you may have.