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ODP Now Available as Preferred Supplier in BobcatBuy

June 1, 2022

As of Wednesday June 1, 2022, ODP Business Solutions (“ODP”), the Business-to-Business arm of Office Depot**, has been added as an office supply preferred supplier with a punchout catalog in BobcatBuy. We are adding ODP as a preferred supplier in response to campus constituent requests to have multiple preferred supplier options for office supplies (Brown Enterprise Solutions will remain as a preferred supplier). Campus shoppers may make purchases from one or both vendors for their office supply needs.


An analysis of our ODP pricing and product spend indicates savings of 46% relative to public Office Depot website prices, including 52% discount on office paper, 54% on general office supplies, and 30% on all other sampled product lines. Our ODP contract is through OMNIA Partners Purchasing Cooperative, who administers the contract originally bid and awarded by Oregon State University.


Please note: our contract with ODP includes free shipping after a minimum order value of $25. Orders under $25 will include a shipping charge of $4.99.

New BobcatBuy Features

  • Level II Search: As we implement/reimplement catalogs, we are enabling Level II search functionality, which allows you to search our punchout catalogs from the BCB homepage.  ODP catalog items will appear in BCB homepage search.  While the search does not include prices, if you click on the “Order from Supplier” link, you will be redirected to the punchout and all available information will be displayed.
BCB Feature
  • Confirmation tab: ODP purchase orders will display a confirmation tab and indicate if any items are back-ordered, along with an anticipated shipping date. The shipping date in the confirmation tab is static as of the moment the order is placed and is not updated afterward.
BCB Feature
  • Shipments tab: this tab will be updated with shipping notification information including date shipped, anticipated delivery date, shipping carrier, and tracking number. This information will be dynamically updated as delivery information changes.
BCB Feature


Items in your cart will show an ‘Estimated Tax’ amount. Once your requisition is processed, the tax will not be applied (since Ohio University is except from Sales Tax).

BCB Feature

Questions?  Contact Finance Customer Care at


** On May 5, the Board of Directors of ODP Corporation announced a planned separation into two independent companies: the retail businesses (Office Depot, Office Max, and the Business-to-Business solutions provider (including ODP Business Solutions).