Ohio University

Travel guidance due to Federal Aviation Administration Grounding of 737 MAX Aircraft

As you may have heard, President Trump has ordered a temporary ground stop of Boeing 737 800/900 MAX series of aircraft for all airlines in the USA. The OHIO Travel Department received a report that lists all tickets for travelers that booked through Southwest and American Airlines through Altour and will be sending information directly to those impacted travelers with guidance. The OHIO Travel department has no way of identifying impacted individuals that booked airline tickets outside of Concur/Altour. These travelers are advised to contact the airline directly. Options will consist of rebooking or refunding travel according to the current airline policy. We are urging each traveler to go to the airline’s website to check if their flight has been rebooked. The airlines are actively working to substitute aircraft, so it is possible that the flight may operate as normally scheduled or a rebooked flight option may appear. Many airlines have announced that they will be waiving fees associated with these changes.

If you have additional questions, contact Finance Customer Care at 740.597.6446 or financecustomercare@ohio.edu