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Master's of Educational Leadership with Principal's License

Program Code: ME6229 (Athens Campus), ME5027 (Regional Campus), 
ND6229 (Principal's License Only) ND5027 (Regional Campus Principal's License only)


Through a balanced approach of online and in-class instruction, the program offers course work and internships required for obtaining a master’s degree in educational leadership and/or an Ohio principal’s license. Students may choose to pursue only the license or only the master’s degree or they can pursue both the degree and license.

Typically, two cohorts of the Principal Preparation Program operate concurrently. They include (1) an Athens Campus Cohort and (2) a Chillicothe/Southern Campus Cohort. The program involves two calendar years of studies. For this reason, studies with a cohort will be offered on a rotating basis. Chillicothe/Southern every other year beginning in 2016 and Athens every other year beginning in 2017.


  • The Principal Licensure Preparation Program is Nationally Recognized by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC), which is a premier accreditation organization for Educational Leadership Programs.  
  • Program graduates tend to do exceptionally well on the required Ohio Licensure Test, to be employed as administrators based upon the strong reputation of the program, and to be successful once they become administrators.
  • The master’s degree portion of the program can be completed by the end of the second summer of study.
  • One academic year is needed to complete the balance of the licensure coursework.
  • Each of the cohorts meets a total of 9 times on Saturdays between September and May (i.e., during the school year). During the summer, each of the cohorts typically meets two times per week for between 5 and 8 weeks.
  • Two full-year internships are included as part of the program.
  • The program provides its students with an opportunity to become knowledgeable in a substantive manner about the operation of a school.
Principal Licensure Preparation Program of Study Credits
Summer   EDLE 6010 Introduction to Educational Administration 4
Summer  EDLE 6020 Organizational Structures in Education 4
Summer II EDRE 5010, Introduction to Research 4
Fall  EDLE 6425, The Role of the Principal in Instruction and Learning 4
Fall  EDLE 5910, Internship in Education 2
Spring  EDLE 6980, Seminar in Education 4
Spring  EDLE 6310, Personnel Administration 4
Spring  EDLE 5910, Internship in Education 2
Summer  EDLE 6110 Educational Law (with basic finance) 4
Summer  EDLE 6610 School-Community Relations 4
Summer II EDCS 5040 Social Structure and Change in Education 4
Fall  EDLE 6400 The Principalship 4
Fall  EDLE 5911 The Internship 2
Spring  EDLE 7820 Politics in Education 4
Spring EDLE 5911 The Internship 2


Admissions Requirements

  • A 2.9 GPA in the undergraduate coursework of a bachelor’s degree, a 3.25 GPA in the last 90 quarter or 60 semester hours of a bachelor’s degree, or a 3.5 GPA in the coursework comprising a master’s degree.  Undergraduate coursework taken after the obtainment of a bachelor’s degree is not included in these calculations.
  • An applicant, whose GPA is below the levels stated above, can be considered by taking and reporting the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). See for details. A combined score of 300 is preferred.
  • Non-native speakers of English must submit a TOEFL score. A score of at least 550 is preferred.
  • Three recommendations on organizational letterhead of the individual making the recommendation. 
  • An autobiography focused upon the professional career and objectives of the applicant. The autobiography should be double spaced and approximately four pages in length.
  • A curriculum vita or a resume is preferred; however not required.
  • For those individuals who have completed a master’s degree at Ohio University, a completed online application and statement of purpose form are all that are needed for the application.
  • if you wish to complete the program on the Athens Campus, please use the degree code ME6229.  For Regional Campus admissions (Chillicothe, Southern) please use ME5027 when applying.

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Dwan Robinson
Program Coordinator
Patton Hall 302L
Michael Hess
Program Coordinator
Patton Hall 302P