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Doctorate in Educational Research and Evaluation

Program Code: PH6277

The doctoral program in Educational Research and Evaluation (EDRE) is intended to prepare graduates for faculty positions and for leadership roles in research organizations. Additionally, the degree is intended to allow students the flexibility necessary to develop programs that meet their individual needs and interests.

Students are encouraged to develop their Program of Study in consultation with their advisor to include quantitative, qualitative, psychometrics, and evaluation. Students are required to identify four core areas for their programs, which will serve as areas for a comprehensive examination. We suggest students submit their Program and Comprehensive Committee during the first or second semester of coursework.

Although students are encouraged to develop programs that will help meet their academic and professional goals, all students majoring in Educational Research are typically expected to include at least 60 credit hours of courses (i.e., not including dissertation credits) in their Program of Study. The dissertation credits are maximally 10 credit hours.

At least two scholarly tool courses are required. These tool courses usually are advanced methodological courses necessary to fulfill the requirements of a dissertation.

Students, working with their advisors, must develop one or two elective areas for the Ph.D.  An elective area should be related to the student's academic or professional goals and must constitute a coherent set of courses that represent either breadth or depth of study in the area. Typically, at least 3 courses are expected in an elective area. Note that methodology courses in other departments may be considered either as parts of core areas that include Educational Research courses or as a separate elective area of specialization as appropriate. Note also that elective areas are not required to contain methodology courses.


Main Course Curriculum

Research Design and Mixed Methods
EDRE 5010 Introduction to Research Methods 
EDRE 7330 Research Design in Education
EDRE 7700 Introduction to Mixed Methods Research
EDRE 7710 Advanced Mixed Methods Research in Education


Qualitative Approaches
EDRE 7500 Introduction to Qualitative Methods
EDRE 7510 Qualitative Interviewing Methods in Education
EDRE 7520 Ethnographic Methods in Education
EDRE 7530 Qualitative Data Analysis


EDRE 7230 Questionnaires and Scale Development in Education
EDRE 7800 Program Evaluation in Education


EDRE 7110 Theory and Techniques of Test Development
EDRE 7120 Item Response Theory and Modern Educational Measurement


Quantitative Methods and Statistics
EDRE 7200 - Educational Statistics
EDRE 7210 - Regression Analysis in Education
EDRE 7600 - Multivariate Statistical Methods in Education
EDRE 7610 - Computer Science Applications in Educational Research
EDRE 7620 - Computer Applications in Educational Research

Educational Research Faculty

  • Gordon Brooks, Professor
  • Krisanna Machtmes, Associate Professor
  • Adah Ward Randolph, Professor 
  • Yuchun Zhou, Associate Professor

Ray Asik Stats Lab

Admissions Requirements

You will need to supply Graduate Studies with three letters of recommendation, official transcripts, GRE scores, and a statement of goals that describe why you wish to be admitted to the program. International applicants must provide proof of financial responsibility and proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL/IELTS scores). For full consideration, please apply before March 31st for the Fall semester and November 1st for the Spring Semester.


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For more information, contact:

Yuchun Zhou
Program Coordinator,
Associate Professor 
Patton 302G