Graduate Degree-Seeking Application

Admission to graduate study is highly competitive, and there are almost always more applicants than available spaces. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to a program.

Select the correct application below. Before submitting an application, make sure you are familiar with the minimum requirements for admission and have reviewed the application deadlines posted below.

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Financing your Education

Department-based funding opportunities (graduate appointments) vary by program. Review the program's website for details.

When to Apply

SemesterApplication Opens
Fall semester (August start)Beginning of September for the following fall term
Spring semester (January start)Beginning of February for the following spring term
Summer semester (May start)Beginning of September for the following summer term

Not all programs admit every term. Application deadlines vary by program. Review the program's website to confirm admission terms and deadlines.

Application Materials

All documents received by Ohio University in connection with an application become the property of Ohio University. Under no circumstances will they be returned or forwarded to any agency or other college or university. Documents for applicants who are not admitted or who are admitted but do not register are retained for one year and then destroyed.


Your application must include:

  • A copy of the official transcript from the institution where a bachelor's degree has been or will be granted, and
  • A copy of the official transcript from any institution attended after completing a bachelor’s degree, or from which any graduate coursework was attempted, regardless of whether or not a degree has been or is being completed.
  • A copy of an official transcript from any college or university attended within the past four years from which credit was or is currently being completed.

NOTE: All transcripts must include the name of the institution, the dates attended, a complete listing of courses and transfer credits, and the signature of the university registrar or other designated official. Documents downloaded from a student portal or marked "display transcript", "email transcript","for internal use", or "this is not an official transcript" do not fulfill the transcript requirement for an application.

Transcripts for work completed through a study abroad program are not required.

Copies of transcripts uploaded to the application are unofficial. Academic programs have the option to require original, official transcripts as part of the application. In this event, the applicant should arrange to have transcripts sent directly to the Graduate College.

Academic programs may request submission of a transcript from any post-secondary institution attended beyond the requirements noted above.

International Transcripts/Academic Documents

If you have attended an institution outside of the U.S., please upload a scanned copy of all of your official documents to your online application. Once you have been admitted to a program, you will be required to bring your final official materials to the Graduate College, so that we can make a copy of your documents. Official documents that are sent to our office will not be returned.

For more information by country, please review the International Credential Requirements.

*NOTE: Only international students in our online programs will need to send official documents by mail.

Test Scores

Test requirements for the GRE or GMAT vary by program. Refer to the program's website for details. Official scores must be sent by the testing agency to the Graduate College for any required test. OHIO's code is 1593. Department codes are not required.


Your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) describes your previous education, work, teaching, and research experience, professional affiliations, community and volunteer experience, honors and awards, and publications. Most programs prefer no more than four pages. Check the program’s application requirements for more details.


Letters of recommendation should be requested from people who are familiar with your academic abilities and potential. Because departments may have specific requirements regarding letters of recommendation, applicants are encouraged to review the program’s admissions information for any specific requirements.

The online application provides a place to list contact information for each recommender (name, organization, position/title, relationship to applicant, telephone, and email address).

Recommendations should come from the recommender’s professional or business email account rather than a personal email account (e.g.,, not Please check with your intended recommenders before listing them on your application to confirm their willingness to provide a recommendation on your behalf.

Personal or Biographical Statements

Program requirements vary. Please review program admissions information for guidelines regarding format, content, and/or length of any personal, professional, or biographical statements. If the program information does not provide specific details, please limit personal, professional, or biographical statements to two pages.

Writing Sample

Review your academic program's website to determine any requirements or guidelines for writing samples. Not all programs request a writing sample.

Program-Specific Requirements

Review your academic program's website for any program-specific requirements (e.g., portfolio, interview, audition, documentation). The online application provides places to upload additional requested materials. Programs requiring portfolios may direct applicants to specific online portfolio sites. 

Application Fees

First Ohio University Graduate Degree ApplicationNone
NoneUS Citizen, Permanent Resident, Asylee, Refugee, TPS and DACA $50 USD
NoneInternational$55 USD
Subsequent/Additional Ohio University Graduate Application$25 USD
Change of Application or Admission Term or Switch between On-campus/Online$10 USD
CAS Application Fee Varies by Academic ProgramVaries

All application fees are non-refundable.

The Graduate College offers a waiver of the application fee for participants of the McNair Scholars Program.

The Graduate College has no other application fee waivers. Some academic programs may offer an application fee waiver on a case-by-case basis. Questions about program-based fee waivers should be directed to the academic program.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines vary by program and not all programs admit every semester. Check the program's webpage for admission terms and deadlines. If the program does not indicate a specific deadline, Graduate College deadlines are:

Residential StatusFallSpringSummer
US Citizen/Permanent Resident or student not
needing I-20 or DS-2019 immigration documents
August 1December 1April 1
International, needing I-20 or DS-2019February 1September 1December 1

When preparing to apply, allow sufficient time to register for any required tests and have official test scores reach Ohio University prior to program application deadlines.

* The submission of any false information or fraudulent documents in connection with the application process is grounds for rejection of the application or dismissal from Ohio University regardless of the nature of other credentials.

In providing an application and inviting application, Ohio University places itself under no obligation to admit any individual person.