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Self-assembly of the plant cell wall requires an extensin scaffold
Maura C. Cannon, Kimberly Terneus, Qi Hall, Li Tan, Yumei Wang, Benjamin L. Wegenhart, Liwei Chen, Derek T. A. Lamport, Yuning Chen, and Marcia J. Kieliszewski. PNAS . 105:2226-2231(2008).

High-yields and extended serum half-life of human interferon a2b expressed in tobacco cells as arabinogalactan-protein fusions.
Jianfeng Xu, Li Tan, Kenneth J. Goodrum, Marcia J. Kieliszewski. Biotechnol Bioeng. (2007).

Characterization of Synthetic Hydroxyproline-Rich Proteoglycans with Arabinogalactan Protein and Extensin Motifs in Arabidopsis.
Jos?M. EstÚvez, Marcia J. Kieliszewski, Natalie Khitrov, and Chris Somerville. Plant Physiol. 142:458-470 (2006).

Aggregate structure of hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein (HRGP) and HRGP assisted dispersion of carbon nanotubes.
Ben Wegenhart, Li Tan, Michael Held, Marcia Kieliszewski and Liwei Chen. Nanoscale Research Letters 1:154-159 (2006).

Synthetic Genes for the Production of Novel Arabinogalactan-proteins and Plant Gums.
Marcia J. Kieliszewski,Jianfeng Xu. Foods & Food Ingredients Journal of Japan 211:32-37 (2006).

Salt stress upregulates periplasmic arabinogalactan proteins:using salt stress to analyse AGP function.
Lamport,DTA, Kieliszewski,MJ, Showalter,AM. New Phytologist 169:479-492 (2006).

Production of recombinant plant gum with tobacco cell culture in bioreactor and gum characterization.
Xu J, Shpak E, Gu T, Moo-Young M, Kieliszewski M,. Biotechnol Bioeng 90:578-588 (2005).

The lysine-rich arabinogalactan-protein sbfamily in Arabidopsis: Gene expression, glycoprotein purification, and biochemical characterization.
Sun,W., Xu,J-F, Yang,J., Kieliszewski,MJ. Plant Cell Physiol. 46:975-984 (2005).

Rab11 GTPase-regulated membrane trafficking is crucial for tip-focused pollen tube growth
deGraaf,B.H.J., Cheung,A.Y., Andreyev,T., Levasseur,K., Kieliszewski,M.J., Wu,H.M. Plant Cell. 17:2564-2579 (2005).

Structure of a hydroxyproline-arabinogalactan polysaccharide from repetitive Ala-Hyp expressed in transgenicNicotiana tabacum.
Tan L., Feng Q., Lamport,D.T.A., Kieliszewski,M.J. J. Biol. Chem. 279:13156-13165 (2004).

Di-Isodityrosine is the intermolecular cross link of isodityrosine-rich extension analogs cross linked in vitro.
Held MA., Tan L., Kamyab A., Hare M., Shapk E., Kieliszewski, M.J. J. Biol. Chem.279:55474-55482 (2004).

Glycosylation motifs that direct arabinogalactan addition to arabinogalactan-proteins.
Tan,L., Leykam,J.F., Kieliszewski,M.J. Plant Physiology 132:1362-1369 (2003).

An arabinogalactan-protein associated with the secondary cell wall formation in differentiating xylem of loblolly pine.
Zhang,Y., Brown,G., Whetten,R., Loopstra,C.A., Neale,D., Kieliszewski,M.J., Sederoff,R.R. Plant Molecular Biology 52:91-102 (2003).

Tomato LeAGP-1 is a plasma membrane-bound, glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored arabinogalactan-protein.
Sun,W., Zhao,Z.D., Hare,M.C., Kieliszewski,M.J., Showalter,A.M. Physiologia Plantarum 120:319-327 (2003).

Tomato LeAGP-1 arabinogalactan-protein purified from transgenic tobacco corroborates the Hyp contiguity hypothesis.
Zhao,Z.D., Tan,L., Showalter,A.M., Lamport,D.T.A., Kieliszewski,M.J. Plant Journal 31:431-444 (2002).

Contiguous hydroxyproline residues direct hydroxyproline arabinosylation in Nicotiana tabacum.
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The latest Hype on O-Glycosylation Codes.
Kieliszewski,M.J. Phytochemistry 57:319-323 (2001).

Synthetic genes for the elucidation of glycosylation codes for arabinogalactan-proteins and other hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins.
Kieliszewski,M.J., Shpak,E. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 58:1386-1398 (2001).

Peptides released by enzymic degradation of cell walls from root nodules and uninfected roots of Medicago truncatula.
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Gum arabic glycoprotein contains glycomodules of both extensin andarabinogalactan-glycoproteins.
Goodrum,L.J., Patel,A., Leykam,J.F., Kieliszewski,M.J. Phytochemistry 54:99-106 (2000).

Synthetic genes for glycoprotein design and the elucidation of hydroxyproline-O-glycosylation.
Shpak,E., Leykam,J.F., Kieliszewski,M.J. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences(USA) 96:14736-14741 (1999).

Isolation,characterization, and immunolocalization of a novel, modular tomato arabinogalactanprotein corresponding to LeAGP-1 gene.
Gao,M., Kieliszewski,M., Lamport,D.T.A., Showalter,A.M. Plant Journal 18:43-55 (1999).

Cloning and characterization of mouse intestinal MUC3 mucin:3'sequence contains epidermal-growth-factor-like domains.
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Matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry of tomato extensin monomers and potato lectin.
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Isolation of a pI 4.6 peroxidase from tomato cell suspension cultures and identification of Val-Tyr-Lys as putative intermolecular crosslink site.
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Mouse gastric mucin:cloning and chromosomal localization.
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Tandem mass spectrometry and structural elucidation of glycopeptides from a hydroxyproline-rich plant cell wall glycoprotein indicate that contiguous hydroxyproline residues are the major sites of hydroxyproline O-arabinosylation.
Kieliszewski,M., O'Neill,M., Leykam,J.F., Orlando,R. Journal of Biological Chemistry 270:2541-2549 (1995).

Potato lectin: a modular protein sharing sequence similarities with the extensin family, the hevein lectin family, and snake venom disintegrins(platelet aggregation inhibitors).
Kieliszewski,M., Showalter,A.M., Leykam,J.F. Plant Journal 5:849-861 (1994).

Immunogold localization of THRGP-like epitopes in the haustorial interface of obligate, biotrophic fungi on monocots.
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Extensin:repetitive motifs, functional sites, posttranslational codes, and phylogeny.
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A histidine-rich extensin from Zea mays is an arabinogalactan protein.
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A gymnosperm extensin contains the serine-tetrahydroxyproline motif.
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A repetitive proline-rich protein from the gymnosperm Douglas Fir is a hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein.
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Structure of the threonine-rich extensin from Zea mays.
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A chenopod extensin lacks repetitive tetrahydroxyproline blocks.
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Trypsin cleaves lysylproline in a hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein from Zea mays.
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Purification and partial characterization of a hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein in a graminaceous monocot Zea mays.
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Cross-reactivities of polyclonal antibodies against extensin precursors determined via ELISA techniques.
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