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Chemistry Scholarships & Financial Aid

Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards

Graduate Student Financial Aid

Scholarships for Chemistry Students

  • Alvin Carlson Scholarship
  • Chemistry Scholarship
  • Patricia Ann (Donahey) Morrison, Richard S. Donahey Sr., and Martha M. Donahey Memorial Scholarship
  • Lela A. Ewers Science Scholarship
  • Nicholas W. Gecsy Chemistry Scholarship
  • Helen Hoover Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Bill Huntsman Organic Chemistry Student Award
  • The William D. Huntsman Distinguished Professor Chemistry Student Scholarship
  • Lubrizol Foundation Scholarship
  • Raymond S. Lupse, M.D., and Martha M. Lupse Pre-Med Scholarship
  • Dr. Ruth Mathewson Scholarship
  • George and June Mattson Scholarship
  • Wayne A. and Carol H. Pletcher Undergraduate Scholarship
  • C. Paul and Beth K. Stocker Scholarship
  • James and Harriet Tong Scholarship in Forensic Chemistry
  • Karin Lerch Toomey Scholarship

Undergraduate Named Awards

  • Jesse Day Undergraduate Awards
  • The James Y. and Harriet Tong Forensic Chemistry Awards—Junior, Senior, Sophomore, First-year: outstanding forensic chemistry major in each year
  • Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Research Award
  • General Chemistry Award—up to four students who excelled in General Chemistry
  • Richard Eddy Service Award—awarded to either undergrad or graduate for service to the department
  • Robert K. Ingham Organic Chemistry Award—for a student showing potential in organic chemistry

Upperclass Scholarships

  • The Anthony R. J. Andrews Memorial Scholarship—This scholarship fund was established in 2002 after the passing of (then) Director of the Forensic Chemistry Program, Anthony R. J. Andrews. The scholarship will be awarded to a junior or senior of high academic standing who shows promise as a forensic chemist.
  • The Bill Huntsman Organic Chemistry Scholarship—for a student showing potential in organic chemistry
  • The James Y. and Harriet Tong Scholarship—This fund supports the scholarship of the same name, which provides a monetary award and certificate to a student at any rank based on academic achievement.
  • The Nicholas W. Gecsy Scholarship
  • The Lela A. Ewers Science Scholarship
  • The Chemistry Scholarship

Graduate Student Named Awards

  • Department of Chemistry Outstanding Teaching Associate Award
  • Donald R. Clippinger Department of Chemistry Research Award