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An architectural rendering of the Clippinger Renovation Project. Image courtesy: Flad Architects

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Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Students explore yesterday, today and tomorrow, searching for solutions to today's problems and imagining what they can build in a future of nano-devices and smart supramolecular architectures. They even probe the mysteries nature embedded long ago in cell walls and RNA.

Architects' rendering of new chemistry building

Building a New Home

As Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty and students make research headlines around the world, work on a new state-of-the-art chemistry building at Ohio University moves forward.

chemical spectroscopy instrument


Biological and forensic analysis, nanomedicine, nanobiotechnology, biological mass spectrometry

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Probing the mysteries of living organisms by studying the collective behavior of atoms, molecules and cells

Foreground: Room temperature electronic absorption (left, orange) and steady-state


Pursuing innovative main group and transition metal chemistry toward applications in biology, catalysis and materials

Organic Research Division


Design of novel medicinal agents, development of new synthetic methods, design of smart supramolecular architectures

physical chemistry laser photo


Materials science including nanoscience and solid-state, surface, synthetic and polymer chemistry.

forensic photo of testtubes and pipette


Innovative teaching, undergraduate research with renowned faculty, accredited chemistry and forensic programs