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Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty

Drs. Steve Bergmeier and Shiyong Wu with Provost Elizabeth Sayres
Drs. Steve Bergmeier and Xiaozhuo Chen, Associate Professor, HCOM-Biomedical Sciences, with Provost Elizabeth Sayres receiving recognition for patent developments.

Faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at OHIO actively engage learners, make innovative discoveries, and develop 21st century leaders in the molecular sciences to meet society’s needs in diverse sectors including health, energy, and sustainability.

Chemists and biochemists are at the forefront of the molecular science discoveries that have and will revolutionize our society’s approach to addressing tomorrow’s challenges and maximizing future opportunities across diverse sectors including health, energy and sustainability. Department faculty explore the depths of foundational areas of chemistry and the frontiers of cross-disciplinary, cutting-edge emerging fields. By interweaving instructional and professional development experiences with globally impactful interdisciplinary research, the department enhances student future career success, attracts external funding, develops new partnerships and discovers new innovations.

Faculty Research Areas in Chemistry & Biochemistry include: