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About the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department


The department's mission is to provide a quality education to undergraduate and graduate students while pursuing state-of-the-art research in chemistry and biochemistry.

The mission of the department's graduate program is to provide education and research that is relevant and timely to society in an atmosphere that promotes cooperation and interaction among the students and faculty. Students should be competent in their specific field and competitive for positions in industry, government laboratories or academic settings.

From the Chair

Welcome to the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at Ohio University. Faculty members in our department are focused on providing a high-quality education for both undergraduate and graduate students.

We offer several different undergraduate majors, including an ACS-accredited chemistry major, pre-professional majors (pre-medicine, -pharmacy, -dentistry) and a FEPAC-accredited forensic chemistry major. Opportunities for undergraduate research abound with our faculty.

Our graduate program is focused on providing a research experience in a personalized environment conducive to reaching your goals and maximizing your potential. We offer a highly competitive stipend for students offered a teaching assistantship.

Our department has established research programs in the traditional areas of analytical, biochemical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. Many faculty members have established research programs that investigate cross-disciplinary problems. This provides both graduate and undergraduate students the ability to gain expertise in multiple areas of chemistry.

We invite you to visit the Ohio University Chemistry & Biochemistry Department and meet our faculty and graduate students. We are located in Athens, Ohio, part of the Hocking Hills region of Southeastern Ohio. A free pre-application review for graduate study in Chemistry is available.

We encourage you to contact us by e-mail so that we may send you additional information regarding the department and Ohio University.

Sincerely yours,

Eric Masson

Professor and Chair

Chemistry & Biochemistry Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning assessment at the program level is intended to promote and maintain program excellence and improve student learning. Each department in the College of Arts & Sciences has developed a set of learning outcomes for their programs and engages in faculty-led assessment activities to help inform curricular and program review and development. Student learning is assessed in different ways across A&S departments, informed by disciplinary standards and the specific learning outcomes of the program.