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Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquia

Spring 2024

Jan. 17, Nigel Priestley | Antibiotic / Anticancer Drug Discovery

Jan. 31, Milind Deshpande, Chemistry Colloquia

Feb. 14, Paul Benedict, Chemistry Colloquium

Fall 2023

Sept. 13, Wenyang Gao, Sustainable and Distinctive Access to Metal-Organic Frameworks Applications

Oct. 4, Korie Sell, Technology Commercialization

Oct. 11, David Powers, Making, Seeing, and Using Subvalent Nitrogen Species

Oct. 25, Sumit Sharma, Understanding Protein – Protein and Protein – Ligand Interactions Using Molecular Simulations

Nov. 8, Olga Zabotina, Xyloglucan-synthesizing glycosyltransferases: some updates on their function and organization in Golgi

Nov. 15, Sherri McFarland, Tackling Cancer and Infection with Light-Responsive Molecules

Nov. 29, Erin Murphy, A big role for a small RNA: Protection from a self-lethal protein by a small RNA in the pathogenic bacterium Shigella flexneri

Dec. 6, Casey Wade, Bioinspired Reactivity in Metal-Organic Frameworks

2023 Spring

Jan. 30, Ognjen Miljanic, Greenhouse Capture in Porous Molecular Crystals

Feb. 20, Jixin Chen, A Few Research and Teaching Examples of Chemical Kinetics

March 20, Richard Hooley, Biomimicry with Synthetic Receptors: Molecular Recognition, Catalysis and Sensing

March 27, Breeanna Urbanowicz, Plant cell wall biosynthesis—from genes to function

April 3, Pavel Anzenbacher, Two stories: Chemical Reactions in Atto-Liter Reactors and Self-Organizing Receptors and Sensors for Phosphate Anions

April 17, Justin Holub, Monitoring ligand-mediated helix 12 transitions within the human estrogen receptor α using bipartite tetracysteine display

Fall 2022

Oct. 10, Michael Jensen, Chemistry and dynamics of 3-center-3-electron M-H-B bonds

Oct. 24, Dave Drabold, Atomistic simulation of disordered materials

Nov. 7, Sanjaya Abeysirigunawardena, Ribosomal RNA modification enzymes influence ribosome assembly

Nov. 14, Ronan Carroll, RNA-based regulation in the human pathogen Staphylococcus aureus

Nov. 21, Eric Masson, Self-assembling molecular Lego: showcasing the Cucurbituril and Lanthanide kits

Spring 2022

March 28, John Wetzel, Tips for OHIO Chemistry Students Seeking Jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

April 4, Irina Nesterova, Quantitative Analysis of Biomolecules: from Stoichiometry to Artificial Enzymes

April 11, Lydia Kisley, Single molecule imaging of complex materials: chromatography and corrosion

April 18, Paul Cremer, Exploring the Binding of Ions to Polymers in Aqueous Salt Solutions

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