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Occupational Health Psychology Concentration

Note: The Specialization in Industrial-Organizational Psychology is not currently taking any new students.


The Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) concentration is an interdisciplinary training opportunity supported by a training project grant from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH; T03 OH009841). This support provides fellowship funding opportunities for graduate students choosing to pursue the OHP concentration.

The OHP concentration is designed for Experimental Psychology Ph.D. students in either an Industrial-Organizational (I-O) or Health Psychology specialization. The concentration is built atop and expands upon the requirements for either specialization within the Psychology Department, supplementing each with coursework from the departments of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Social and Public Health. Coursework and research training are designed to address many of the primary "Issues Relevant to Advancing Worker Well-being through Total Worker Health®" reported in the National Agenda to Advance Total Worker Health® Research, Practice, Policy, and Capacity (2016) by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Completion of the Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with a specialization in either I-O or Health Psychology, and concentration in OHP, requires the successful fulfillment of academic coursework designed to provide breadth of knowledge in psychology and depth in OHP-specific topics to prepare students for careers focused on Total Worker Health®. This curriculum highlights the unique expertise of OHIO faculty, providing students with enhanced training in physiological approaches and unique populations (e.g., employees) in addition to more traditional OHP topics. As shown in the requirements section below, students complete OHP Concentration Core Courses, Health or I-O Specialization courses, Psychology Breadth courses, and OHP Concentration Elective courses (simultaneously fulfilling the "Scholarly Tool" requirement). Many of the requirements of the OHP concentration overlap with requirements of the Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with specializations in I-O or Health Psychology. Substitutions to course requirements are permitted with approval of the OHP Concentration Committee.

Occupational Health Psychology Concentration Requirements

OHP Concentration Core Courses

Complete all.

  • PSY6210: Human Psychophysiology
  • PSY6610: Survey of Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  • PSY8906: Advanced Seminar: Occupational Health Psychology†

Specialization Courses

  • Health Specialization Requirements (Complete All):
  • PSY6220: Physiological Psychology
  • PSY7240: Psychoneuroimmunology
  • PSY7250: Health Psychology


  • I-O Specialization Requirements (Complete All):
  • PSY7621: Organizational Behavior
  • PSY7631: Performance Appraisal and Performance Management
  • PSY7633: Personnel Selection

Psychology Breadth Courses

Complete at least one.†

Students must complete at least one of the specialization courses listed above outside of their primary specialization (e.g., I-O specialization students may take PSY6220/7240/7250 to fulfill this requirement; health specialization students may take PSY7621/7631/7633 to fulfill this requirement), OR 1 of the courses listed below:

  • PSY8906: Advanced Seminar: Work and Family
  • PSY8906: Advanced Seminar: Mistreatment in the Workplace
  • PSY8902: Advanced Seminar: Stress Science

OHP Concentration Electives/Scholarly Tool

Select at least two.

Occupational Safety (OS) Electives

  • ISE5380: Human Factors Engineering
  • ISE8900: Advanced Seminar: Aging and Ergonomics
  • ISE8900: Advanced Seminar: Industrial Ergonomics
  • ISE8900: Advanced Seminar: Systems Safety

Public Health Electives

  • HLTH6000: Assessment and Program Planning in Rural Public Health
  • HLTH6050: Intervention Design and Implementation in Rural Public Health
  • HLTH6720: Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health
  • HLTH6730: Epidemiology in Public Health

† Indicates coursework outside of standard I-O or Health requirements in Experimental Ph.D. program.