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Experimental Ph.D. in Psychology Manual

Policies & Procedures

The policies & procedures page includes the following, unless otherwise linked:

Thesis, Dissertation, Exams

Forms (Appendix)

About the Experimental Ph.D. in Psychology Manual

This manual is designed to help students understand the doctoral program in Experimental Psychology as well as the various areas of specialization that make up this program.

This manual describes the manner in which the experimental faculty is organized, the nature of program requirements, and various policies and procedures that students will need to follow in order to complete the program. This manual is a supplement to, and not a substitute for, the information provided in the Graduate Catalog for programs here at Ohio University.

Students are expected to know the information presented in these documents and to be responsible for completing the various requirements. Students seeking additional information should contact their adviser, the Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies, or the Director of Experimental Training.

In the Appendix there are several forms that students will need at various times.