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Deadlines for Candidates for the M.S. and Ph.D. Degrees in Clinical Psychology

Master’s and doctoral degrees are awarded in March, June, August, and November. Once a student decides upon the semester in which they wishes to be awarded the degree, they will have several deadlines to meet in order to be awarded the degree. These deadlines are established by the College of Arts & Sciences and change slightly from year to year. Students should contact the Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies or the College of Arts & Sciences for the schedule established for a given academic year. The dates will be for the following:

  1. Registration. Students must be registered for at least one graduate credit any semester in which they receive service from the university. Having the meeting to defend the thesis or dissertation counts as a service; turning in the final copies of the thesis or dissertation counts as a service; under most circumstances, you must also register for the semester in which you officially graduate. Exceptions to the latter situation are listed in the University Graduate Student Handbook.
  2. Last day to apply for graduation and pay fee for conferral of degree: Students can either go to the second floor of Chubb Hall to complete a short form and pay a graduation fee or apply for graduation online.
  3. Last day to arrange to take oral examination on dissertation: Students must report the time and place of the dissertation defense to the office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. To do this, students should complete the form “Arrangements for the Oral Examination on the Dissertation (CAS#7) [PDF]” which is available online.
  4. Last day to take oral examination on dissertation or thesis.
  5. Last day to turn in final copies of dissertation or thesis to the College of Arts and Sciences. Students should see TAD information on the Graduate College webpage for information on how to prepare the final copies and the deadlines for such in any given semester.
  6. Date degree candidates must have all required work completed. This date corresponds to the last day of the semester.

A Few Pointers

The thesis or dissertation copies that students give to committee members must be delivered to them at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. As mentioned above, students should start setting up the time and date for the meeting well in advance of the meeting; it takes time to find a time at which that many people can be available. Finally, students should be forewarned that it may be difficult to schedule a meeting in the summer. Most faculty are not on contract in the summer and so are not obliged to be available for thesis and dissertation meetings. Some faculty members will make themselves available even though they are not on contract. If a student thinks they will need a summer meeting, they is advised to find out as far in advance as they can whether committee members will be available.