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About Physics & Astronomy

Physics graduate students work in the Smith lab.
Physics graduate students work in the Smith lab.

The Department of Physics & Astronomy is dedicated to developing a deeper understanding of the natural world, to educating undergraduate and graduate students, and to conveying the concepts and logic of the discipline to the broader community.

Inclusion and Equity Statement: Physics and Astronomy are best done in an inclusive environment. The students, staff, and faculty of the Physics & Astronomy Department are committed to professional interactions, with respect and consideration of the rich and diverse backgrounds of all its members. We expect each member of our Department to encourage and support a culture of equity and inclusion of all social identities in all activities in which we participate, and to uphold all Ohio University diversity policies. See more about resources and services.

Fast Facts

About Physics & Astronomy

  • 77 graduate students
  • 70 undergraduate students
  • 32 countries represented in the department
  • Programs in astrophysics, biophysics, condensed matter physics, surface science & nanoscience, nuclear and particle physics
  • International travel opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students
  • 4.5 MV high-intensity tandem Van de Graaff accelerator
  • Member of the MDM Observatory on Kitt Peak, Arizona
  • Alumni receive international awards including one Nobel Prize