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Recent History Ph.D. Graduates


Brad Eidahl, "Writing the Opposition: Power, Coercion, Legitimacy, and the Press in Pinochet's Chile," Director: Patrick Barr-Melej

Seth Givens, "Cold War Capital: The United States, the European Allies, and the Fight for Berlin, 1945-1994," Director: Ingo Trauschweizer

Jack Marchbanks, "Pride and Protest in Letters and Song: Jazz Artists and Writers during the Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1965," Director: Kevin Mattson


Tyler Esno, "Trading with the Enemy: U.S. Economic Policies and the End of the Cold War," Director: Chester Pach

Sebasitan Hurtado-Torres, "The Gathering storm: The United States, Eduardo Frei's Revolution in Liberty, and the Polarization of Chilean Politics, 1964-1970," Director: Patrick Barr-Melej

Jasper Verschoor, "'More than Planners, Less than Utopians': 1960s Futurism and Post-Industrial Theory," Director: Kevin Mattson

Steven Wills, "Replacing the Maritime Strategy: The Change in Naval Strategy from 1989 to 1994," Director: Ingo Trauschsweizer


Matthew Jacobs, "A 'Psychological Offensive': United States Public Diplomacy, Revolutionary Cuba, and the Contest for Latin American Hearts and Minds during the 1960s," Director: Chester Pach


Jared Bibler, "We live to struggle, we struggle to triumph: The Revolutionary Organization of the People in Arms and radical nationalism in Guatemala," Director: Patrick Barr-Melej

Gerald Goodwin, "Race in the crucible of war: African American soldiers and race relations in the 'Nam,'" Director: Chester Pach

David Prentice, "Getting out: Melvin Laird and the origins of Vietnamization," Director: Chester Pach

Laura Seddelmeyer, "On the edge of Asia: Australian grand strategy and the English-speaking alliance, 1967-1980," Director: John Brobst


Sony Karsono, "Indonesia's New Order, 1966-1998: Its Social and Intellectual Origins," Director: William Frederick

Jeremy Robert Hatfield, "For God and Country: The Religious Right, the Reagan Administration and the Cold War," Director: Chester Pach

Stephen Todd Pfeffer, "Hostile Takeover: The New Right Insurgent Movement, Ronald Reagan, and the Republican Party, 1977-1984," Director: Chester Pach


Kevin Grimm, "Symbol of Modernity: Ghana, African Americans, and the Eisenhower Administration," Director: Chester Pach

William Knoblauch, "Selling the Second Cold War: Antinuclear Cultural Activism and Reagan Era Foreign Policy," Director: Chester Pach

Renee LaFleur, "Democracy in Action: Community Organizing in Chicago, 1960-1968," Director: Kevin Mattson


Joseph L. Venosa, "Paths Toward the Nation: Islamic Identity, the Eritrean Muslim League, and Nationalist Mobilization, 1941-1961," Director: Nicholas M. Creary


Jon R. Peterson, "`An Evil Empire': The Rhetorical Rearmament of Ronald Reagan," Director: Chester Pach

Richard L. McGaha, "The Politics of Espionage: Nazi Diplomats and Spies in Argentina, 1933-1935," Director: Norman J. W. Goda


Sheryl K. Hill, "'Until I Have Won'--Vestiges of Coverture and the Invisibility of Women in the Twentieth Century: A Biography of Jeannette Ridlon Piccard," Director: Katherine Jellison

Christian Peterson, "Wielding the Human Rights Weapon: The United States, the Soviet Union, and Private Citizens, 1975-1989," Director: Chester Pach

Richard Garlitz, "Academic Ambassadors in the Middle East: The University Contract Program in Turkey and Iran, 1950-1970," Director: Chester Pach

Robert T. Davis, "The Dilemma of NATO Strategy, 1949-1968," Director: Peter John Brobst

Jeff T. Reardon, "The Evolution of the U.S. Navy into an Effective Night-Fighting Force During the Solomon Islands Campaign, 1942-1943," Director: Marvin E. Fletcher


Shawn M. Selby, "Congress, Culture and Capitalism: Congressional Hearings into Cultural Regulation, 1953-1967," Director: Kevin M. Mattson

Seung-Won Song, "Back to Basics in Indonesia?: Reassessing the Pancasila and the Pancasila State and Society, 1945-2007," Director: William H. Frederick

Brent Geary, "A Foundation of Sand: U.S. Public Diplomacy, Egypt, and Arab Nationalism, 1953-1960," Director: Chester Pach

Jeanne M. Gleich-Anthony, November 2007, "Democratizing Women: American Women and the Occupation of Japan, 1945-1950," Director: Katherine Jellison


Kirk Tyvela, "The Dictatorship Dilemma: The United States, Paraguay, and the Cold War, 1954-1989," Director: Michael Grow

Morten Bach, "None so Consistently Right: The American Legion's Cold War, 1945-1950," Director: Chester Pach

JonDavid Wyneken, "Driving Out the Demons: German Churches, the Western Allies, and the Internationalization of the Nazi Past, 1945-1952," Director: Norman J. W. Goda


Shae R. Davidson, "Eating Democracy: School Lunches and the Social Vision of the New Deal," Director: Alonzo L. Hamby

Richard Dodgson, "Fun for the Revolution of It: A History of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters," Director: Katherine Jellison

Jeffrey H. Bloodworth, "Farewell to the Vital Center: A History of American Liberalism, 1968-1980," Director: Alonzo L. Hamby

Arsen Djatej, "Russian Financial Accounting," Director: Steven M. Miner

Tarik Kamil, "The Politics of Time and Eternity: Quaker Pacifists and Their Activism during the Vietnam Era," Director: Chester Pach