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Biological Sciences Undergraduate Programs


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Imagine studying obesity and gene expression in mice. Evaluating wildlife crossings on a new highway. Interning with the wolves. Or in a clinical lab. Imagine figuring out if toads prefer to bound or hop. Building a vernal pool for salamanders. Spending the summer in a neuroscience lab. Or taking a 3+3 assured pathway into OHIO’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

About Biological Sciences at Ohio University

The aim of the undergraduate program in Biological Sciences is to provide a transformative educational experience, and to prepare students for top professional schools, graduate programs, a wide range of careers, and civic involvement.

Students in Biological Sciences are exposed to historical and current perspectives on the biological sciences, theoretical and practical applications of scientific knowledge, cutting-edge laboratory techniques, abundant field opportunities, and internship experiences. Our academic and professional advising system provides each student with an advisor knowledgeable in the student's chosen concentration. In addition, we also have a dedicated pre-professional advising office.

About the B.S. in Biological Sciences

Within the Biological Sciences major, there are seven curricular majors leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, each oriented toward a specific field of biology. Every major includes broad exposure to all fields of biology, from molecules to ecosystems.

About the B.A. in Biological Sciences

There are two curricular tracks leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences: one with a human health emphasis, and one in environmental biology. Both provide a sound science background, but include more of an exposure to the social sciences than is provided by a B.S. degree. This interdisciplinary approach gives students the flexibility to prepare for a wide range of higher education and career opportunities in health, social service, and environmental fields.

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