WellWorks Celebrates 25 Years

September 9, 2021

WellWorks is proud to be celebrating over 25 years of service to the greater Athens community. 

"We didn’t get to have our formal 25 year celebration that we had planned for 2020, so we took that energy and put it toward developing new member benefits and services," said Engagement and Marketing Coordinator Annie Laurie  Cadmus.


"It is our mission to create supportive environments for people to pursue their life’s adventures, so we feel it’s important for our community to know that our facility is fully operational with many new services since our reopening," explained Jenn Bennett, Executive Director of Wellbeing.


WellWorks' new program offerings: 


  • Virtual Memberships
    • NEW membership type! Created in June 2020 and continuing through 2021, at least.
  • Facility Memberships
    • NEW in 2021: This membership type Includes  all of our virtual content at no additional fee.
  • Hybrid Group Fitness Schedule
    • NEW in 2021: the schedule now includes Virtual Classes and classes that are In-Person Outdoors (in addition to the usual In-Person Indoor classes).
  • Remote Check Ins
    • NEW as of  September 2021! For members who like to exercise outdoors, they can do a remote WellWorks check-in Mon-Thurs at lunchtime at select locations  (to support employee members working to achieve the 100 Day Challenge)
  • Wellness Series
    • NEW in 2021: WellWorks offers a variety of self-paced multi-module programs on wellness topics.
      • Now through December, members can access four of these Wellness Series for FREE (Begin Your  Adventure Wellness Coaching, Alignment/Balance/Core Fitness  Series, Active Senior Class Bundle and Intro to Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Series).
  • Personal Training
    • NEW as of 2020: WellWorks now offers Virtual training (in addition to In-Person training).
  • Nutrition Counseling
    • NEW as of 2020: WellWorks now offers Virtual counseling  (in addition to In-Person counseling).
  • Wellness Coaching
    • NEW as of 2020: WellWorks now offers Virtual coaching 
    • NEW as of 2021: Wellness Coaching self-paced course for those who do not desire one-on-one coaching.
  • Massage Therapy
    • NEW in 2021: WellWorks upgraded the massage space to a larger room to improve the client experience and increase air flow circulation.
  • Performance Bundle
    • NEW in 2021: Not  yet a member and want to explore several of our services? WellWorks waives the membership fee for the Performance Bundle which includes personal training, nutrition counseling and wellness coaching.
    • Note: For the link above, you may need to be logged into the NEW Member Portal – anyone can have a free account on that portal to view what WellWorks offers; no membership is needed to access the site.
  • Lactation Room/Changing Room:
    • New in 2021: WellWorks has upgraded one of its previous massage spaces to serve as a lactation room and as a safe non-gender-specific changing room.


WellWorks prides itself on being a superior student experiential learning experience. A large percentage of the WellWorks staffing is comprised of students gaining real world experience in relevant work positions such as customer service, management, personal training, marketing, and equipment repair/maintenance. WellWorks full-time staff works to offer students unique professional development opportunities to help them prepare for life post-graduation.


"We are constantly adapting our program offerings based on member feedback," explained Cadmus.  "Members can offer feedback in-person at the front desk or anonymously through our online feedback form."  Cadmus explained that, by being a local facility, WellWorks has the freedom to make changes faster than some national chains. "When you call our office, you connect with a member of our community who cares about your experience."  


"In a time where our community is struggling to adapt to a constantly changing world, WellWorks aims to be a constant source of wellbeing support," said Bennett.